Even if you don’t have a lot of room, greenery is essential for bringing your home to life. Indoor plants provide beauty to a space while also providing practical benefits such as a good mood, cleaner air, and a sense of connection to nature without having to leave the house. So we’ve compiled a list of 7 indoor plants, including some that take up very little space and others that develop into full-fledged trees. Many don’t need a lot of light, which is important when you only have a few windows. And even if you don’t have a green thumb, the majority of these plants are rather simple to keep alive.

So in order to help you make your garden perfect, we’ve compiled a list of our best little indoor plants, along with some styling suggestions. Look through them to determine which ones you can use in your own home. This is indeed the best garden centre melbourne.

Chinese Money Plant

The gorgeous spherical leaves of these exquisite plants, as well as the difficulties in procuring them, are well-known. In China, money plants are also known as missionary plants. Because Norwegian Missionary Agnar Espergen brought cuttings home with him in the 1940s and shared them with his family, this is the case. This is how the plant eventually spread all over the world. Because these plants are simple to reproduce, the best way to get your hands on some is to find a friend or an internet exchange eager to help you.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are easy to maintain and can help to filter the air. Because these plants grow vertically, they’re ideal for adding greenery to tiny spaces. Snake plants may grow in a variety of light settings, but indirect sunlight is the optimum. Because they are from the desert, they can go without water for long periods of time. Allow their soil to dry between waterings. If you want to learn more about snake plants, check out our snake plant care guide.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera plants belong to the succulent family. They like the sun, just like their cousins, and prefer their soil to be absolutely dry between waterings. If you have a slight burn, such as a sunburn, keep these small potted plants on hand as aloe vera can help you with that. 


Anthuriums in smaller sizes are ideal for bringing a brilliant flash of colour to any room in the house without taking up too much space. They can handle many sorts of light, but bright, indirect light is optimal for growth. You can place them in a Beautiful Plant Stand in your home to enhance the beauty of your house, 


The echeveria is a type of succulent that is very prevalent. Because of their ease of maintenance and tiny stature, miniature plants like these are more typically found on office and home desks. Overwatering, on the other hand, is a common cause of death. Before giving your plants another drink, make sure the soil is fully dry.

Jade Plant

The broad, oval-shaped leaves of jade plants are the most well-known feature of the plant. When given the right care, jade plants can live for many years. Wipe off your plant’s leaves once in a while to prevent dust buildup and keep them looking great. This will keep the leaves lustrous and improve their ability to absorb light.


“Purple shamrocks” or “false shamrocks” are other names for this oxalis variation. Because of its likeness to the Irish shamrock, often known as the three-leafed clover, it was given that name. It is also noted for its photophilic tendency, in addition to its name. This means that its flowers and leaves respond to light by opening and closing.

Something to keep in mind regarding indoor plant growing is to find the optimal temperature for your plants to flourish. You should install HVAC equipment to manage and control the indoor temperature and air conditioning. 

Final Words

Using these plants you can make your small-space garden beautiful and perfect, these plants not only makes your garden look good but can also make your life a bit healthier. Indoor plants require more light hours than those growing outside. So for that, you can also use grow lights. This will help your plants grow better and healthier. Now you know what you have to go find in the market and how to help them grow better, So get yourself these cute plants and make your indoor small space garden perfect.


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