This article will determine if Legit, about an online marketplace for selling things like clothes and accessories.

Do you enjoy wearing graphic T-shirts? Are Japanese manga characters your favorite? Are you keen to shop for the latest selection of trendy items? You’ve probably seen a site known as Coryxkenshin but are you looking to verify its authenticity? Please read the following for the answers to your questions.

In the article of today we’ve gathered information about an online store that customers from a variety of countries, such as those from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, want to be aware of. So, keep reading to find out the answer to your query Are Legit.

Is Genuine?

We’ve provided here a few details about this site to help you determine the credibility of this website. You should read these facts prior to learning more about the products the site offers.

Portal Trust Score – 86 percent that is an Good Trust Index.

Portal Age: Five years, 9 months and a half old. The creators of this website launched it on the 29th of February, 2016.

Alexa Ranking – 673,189, which is a grade of average.

Customer Reviews The designers haven’t added a separate section to this site where customers can leave their comments on the product or the Reviews.

Social Media Linking – We discovered an account on Facebook that has the same title as the one on this site, however the site isn’t linked to it.

Incomplete Policies – This site is not providing any information on return, shipment or refunds as well as cancellation. In addition, the privacy policies as well as the terms of service and other legal terms are the responsibility of the creators of this website, not the store’s e-commerce site.

Contact Information – The email address and number that are listed on this website are those of the developers of the site, not the proprietors of this store.

These points indicate that there are a variety of opinions regarding this website We can’t declare legitimate.

What is Coryxkenshin?

Coryxkenshin can be described as an store that sells clothing products such as sweatshirts, hoodies, tshirts and so on. as well as other accessories like phone cases. These items could be merchandise items of a social media celebrity who has the same name.


Portal Type A web-based E-commerce site that offers clothes and accessories that are thought to be the products of a celebrity.

Portal Address –

Contact Details – The contact information provided on this site does have nothing to do with the online store. This is a crucial aspect to clarify your doubts regarding is Legit.

Sort By – Unavailable

Filter By only by type of product.

The Privacy Policies and the Terms of Service The policy is not mentioned, but it relates to the website’s growing company.

Shipping Details – No policies available. In the majority of products that we looked at the future date is provided when the shipment of that item will start.

Returns and Refunds – There is no information is provided.

Payment Methods – No information available.

Price of Products – Mentioned in USD.

Social Media Linking – Absent


The developers have addressed all legal aspects in the privacy and the terms of service sections.

The size guidelines are included together with product descriptions and some buyers might consider useful.

Cons Regarding Is Legit

No of these policies like shipping, returns or refunds, is available on this website.

Physical address as well as phone number belong to the company that is developing it, not to the online store.

The website is old but many important elements are not present, such as the filtering and sorting options as well as policies, payment methods and payment methods, among others. So, it appears that its design for the web has been not complete.

It is difficult for customers to trust this website since it does not have a social media link.

There isn’t an area on this website where users can leave comments. Reviews

There isn’t any information on this site on the top review sites like Reddit, Trustpilot, or Quora. While it’s an old site however, it doesn’t have any mentions on these forums to our dismay. The website also does not have the reviews of customers which is why we couldn’t find any information on it as well. Since this website appears to not be completely complete, we recommend going through the entire information about Paypal Scam to safeguard yourself against fraud.


This site appears undeveloped We suggest that not to play with it. However, we are unable to say to be legitimate. authentic, therefore you should read the article on the article on How to Get a Full Refund on Credit Card Scam before browsing these sites on the web. You might also want to know more about Kenshin and the origins of Kenshin.

Let us know what you think of this website in the comments below.


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