Business travel saw a major hit during the pandemic. For almost two years, Indian as well as international were affected. But as we move into 2023, business travel is back and is seeing a significant boom. However, the business travel segment is seeing some different trends and changes that were not there before. Let us have a look at these emerging trends that will prevail in 2023 across India. If you are someone who would be doing a lot of business travel this year and will be exploring different places to visit in India while on your business trips, knowing about these travel trends would be helpful:

1-A Rise in Bleisure Travel: Over the last few years, the importance of bleisure has increased significantly. Bleisure travel is a combination of business travel along with leisure activities which has become very popular these days. Though it was there before the pandemic as well, its significance has become more post pandemic. According to a recent survey, as many as 40 percent of employees extended their business trips for a leisure holiday in the last year. This is because more and more people find it better to relax and explore the place rather than just work on the business trip. The trend has benefitted employees as well as the company and hence will see a rise in the coming year.

2-Self Booking will become popular: With the rising demand of personalised travel, it will be seen that employees would prefer to book their stay themselves rather than that offered by the company. Self-booking options will be more in demand as they will give employees an opportunity to book their flight and accommodation as per their own choice. The companies would also encourage this and suggest the use of platforms that allow self-booking of hotels on business trips. To match up to this trend, travel management companies would need to have efficient tools and software to make the booking quick and efficient.

3- A Rise in Sustainable Business Travel: With the increased focus on sustainability, the same will be seen in the travel requirements of the corporate companies as well. In 2023, sustainability will no longer be just a buzzword as companies would consider travel practices which have less carbon footprint. And since the employees are too aware of the global warming and climate crisis, they would encourage sustainable travel practices. So when looking for a hotel in Khajuraho, Delhi/NCR or elsewhere, they would prefer an accommodation that focuses more on initiatives for environment conservation.

4-Employee Safety will be a top priority: Post pandemic, the health and safety of the employees will be a top priority for the companies. A survey reveals that almost 80 per cent of the employees prefer business trips to destinations where all safety protocols can be followed. Places with unforeseen weather conditions, flight delays or lack of good hotels for stay would not be preferred by the employees as well as the corporate companies. Also, the companies would give more attention to ensure that the employees feel physically and mentally safe while on the business trip.

This year looks promising for business travel. Now that you know about the latest trends in corporate travel that you are likely to see in 2023, prepare and manage your business trips better.