Auto transport can be costly particularly when moving from one state to the next but cost-efficient solutions are available to bring the prices within budget. Each car shipping company has unique services but most offer competitive pricing.  

When strategizing to ship a car to another state, you’ll find ways to save money like using alternative modes of transport to reduce the costs. The expense doesn’t need to be an obstacle. The carrier will work with you to find the most efficient shipping package to serve your needs. 

The first step is to narrow the choices for the best auto transport company, one not only with the most competitive rates that don’t fluctuate drastically throughout the year but also adequate insurance coverage, high-quality, well-trained drivers, and sufficient service offerings to satisfy any budget. 

The car shipping service should prioritize the client experience and optimum protection, security, and vehicle safety. 

Tips For Saving on Car Shipping to Another State 

Moving a car from one state to the next can be costly albeit each reputable auto transport company is competitive with its rates. The providers vary in services, insurance coverage, driver quality and customer support.  

If you want to save some money to stay within a certain budget, you can alter the services to less expensive options, choose a non-peak time of the year, or be flexible with your schedule. Here are a few tips to help save some costs with auto transport. 

  • Strategic planning 

One way to save on auto transport is to strategically plan for the shipment. When working with the transport company, find out which times are considered peak to try to avoid these. You can get discounts at slower times of the year.  

Costs can vary substantially from one season to the next with demand increasing at times like around the holidays or during the summer when many people go on holiday.  

With greater demand for shipping, the prices increase. If you can be flexible with your timing, you can avoid the high rates by choosing instead more cost-efficient methods. It’s also essential to book early to cut down on some of the expenses. 

  • Flexibility with dates for loading 

When you have flexible scheduling for driver pick-up and delivery it can save shipping costs. This gives greater control to the auto transport company over the schedule, allowing them to find a more cost-efficient choice.  

When the carrier can possibly combine multiple deliveries in one load, you’ll benefit from the savings they incur by an even greater amount. When flexible, you can also take advantage of off-peak times to see further discounts. 

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  • Terminal-to-terminal instead of door-to-door 

A cost-efficient solution to moving an auto from one state to the next is to use terminal-to-terminal transport. The other choice is door-to-door delivery, a premium charge since the driver will pick up the car at or close to your door and deliver it to the door of your new location. 

With terminal-to-terminal shipping, you will drop the vehicle off at the nearest terminal and pick it up from a designated location as close to your property as possible.  

Terminal-to-terminal transport has advantages compared to door-to-door transport in that it allows the driver to bypass tight, residential locations that could result in damage. It’s also more cost-efficient than the door-to-door drop-off. 

  • Open-air vs enclosed transport trailer 

An open-air transport trailer is more budget-friendly than an enclosed container. The differences are distinct, however, in that there’s a greater risk with the open trailers since these are exposed to the outside, meaning there’s less protection from the elements. 

Vehicles experience the weather conditions, dust, road debris, and heavy winds. That leaves the cars at risk for the possibility of minor damage like paint chips or dings while in transit. Car owners who want to keep a budget are willing to take what is usually a minimal risk to receive the cost difference. 

  • Avoid waiting for the last minute 

A priority to ship car to another state is to book the transport early for the greatest cost savings. Often, people wait to make arrangements at the last minute, which could limit availability and result in high rates. When booking roughly four weeks ahead of departure, you can see discounts. 

The price will be locked in at the rate offered at the time of year scheduled and the type of demand seen during that period. Plus, you will rest assured that your car will arrive on your selected dates. 

You’ll also have sufficient time to have the auto inspected by a reputable mechanic and can prepare it properly for transport. 

It’s important to contact the carrier to learn their method for vehicle preparation including what you can and cannot pack in the car for the move. Some transport companies will allow up to a certain weight and some won’t permit items in the vehicle. Click for guidance on how to ship a car to another state. 

Final Thought 

When picking a reputable, reliable auto transport company, you can rest assured your car will be delivered based on your early booking by a high-quality, well-trained driver using competitive rates.  

You’ll be able to reduce costs by strategically planning a cost-efficient shipping package with the carrier that uses your budget as the baseline. It will require flexibility and some sacrifice but with a reputable company your best interests and that of your car will be the priority.