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Skip hire in Chorley comes with a wide range of benefits, including convenience, eco-friendliness, and prioritising safety during renovation projects. 

However, there are some legal aspects of skip hire you need to be aware of. 

One of these is the need for skip hire permits in certain circumstances. 

Today we’ll be talking you through everything you need to know about skip hire permits. 

What is a skip hire permit?

A skip hire permit is a government-required licence that’s required when you’re planning on leaving your skip anywhere other than private land. 

When you apply for a skip hire permit, the local council will assess how safe it is to leave your chosen skip size in the preferred area. 

It’s possible that the skip you hire will require reflective markings and signage to maximise safety and limit accidents – depending on its location. 

Why do you need a skip hire permit?

Skips (whatever the size) are largely obtrusive if left on the roadside or a public path. 

They can disturb traffic and limit access to public areas, as well as being a safety hazard. 

If the council decides you need to purchase a skip hire permit and you decide against it, you will be fined. So, it’s worth covering yourself.

How do you get a skip hire permit?

Skip hire permits are usually applied for by the skip hire company you enquire with. 

If you’re looking for skip hire in Chorley, Adlington Skip Hire will take you through every step of the skip hiring process. This includes organising a skip hire permit for as long as you need it.

How much is a skip hire permit?

The average price of a skip hire permit ranges from around £15 to £45, depending on your location and how long you’ll require the skip for.  

The majority of companies offering skip hire in Chorley will arrange the permit for you and add the cost to the final total.

How long do skip hire permits last?

Simply put, skip hire permits should last as long as you need them to. 

You will need your permit for the duration of your skip hire in Chorley, or you will be faced with a costly fine. 

If you decide to keep your skip for longer than your initial hire period, most councils allow an extension to the previously agreed time.

Simply get in touch with your skip hire Chorley provider if you have any queries on how to apply for a skip hire permit. 

Interested in skip hire Chorley? Contact Adlington Skip Hire now

If skip hire in Chorley sounds like something that could help you out, get in touch with Adlington Skip Hire today. 

Specialising in skip hire in Chorley and the surrounding areas, Adlington Skip Hire promises an efficient service with competitive prices, providing all the benefits of skip hire and more. 

If you have any further questions about skip hire permits or skip hire in Chorley in general, give them a call today on 01257 474 747 to chat through your options and get answers to your pressing questions. 

If you already know what you need, book a skip online today for next-day delivery (dependent on availability).


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