Gogo Air Cooler does not seem to have the advertised efficiency. Let’s see if this is a Gogo Air Cooler fraud or real. Check out our Gogo AirCooler review to find out.

Is it the Gogo Air Cooler? Is it as good as its claims?

Because it looks like a mini humidifier, we don’t believe the Gogo Air Cooler can work as claimed on its advertisement. The Portable AC pictures show that it looks like a sponge with the fan blowing. It won’t cool your room like AC, so we aren’t convinced.

This device can cool your room if it is small enough or you are close to AC. However, it will not cool your room as much as AC. It isn’t user-friendly because you have to continue putting water on the sponge to make it wet.

You may feel more uncomfortable due to the higher humidity. Humidity is always worse than heat. It seems that its claims are false.

Many similar devices have been complained about by users, including HurricaneFreeze and ChillWell. Gogo Air Cooler seems to be a new name for such devices.

You now have a better understanding of the Gogo Air Cooler by reading our Gogo Air Cooler Review. If you have any comments or questions about the Gogo Air Cooler, please leave them below. To report any scams, you can also leave a comment below. We are here to raise awareness about scams. Let’s get together and do it! Let’s stop scammers from ripping off innocent people.

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