Getting the best mask can help protect you and your loved ones against the new variants of the COVID-19 virus. You do not just want to wear any mask for the sake of it. Instead, you should do masks that provide more filtration, like the KN95 face mask. 

Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5 spread faster now than they did a couple of months ago. Therefore, you need to wear standard gold masks such as the KN95 approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. They feature a beak-like shape and ear loops that make them comfortable to wear. 

 Is a face mask the same as a respirator?

As we appreciate the need to keep yourself covered, you must be very specific about your choice. There are numerous types of face coverings, including cloth and disposable options. However, the CDC recommends using respirators like the KN95 face mask. 

Even though you will get some protection from masks and respirators, well-fitted respirators have the highest level of protection. Most people may refer to mask and respirator interchangeably. But when the CDC says respirator, they mean specialized fitted face masks like the KN95s. 

The CDC advises individuals to do respirators more than face masks. That’s because the KN95 mask approved by NIOSH has high-level filtration abilities, hence delivering more protection. 

Highly-rated KN95s

As you buy the KN95 masks, you need to go for masks that filter more than 95 percent of the particulates. Additionally, you need to go for ones that have ear loops so that you remain comfortable. You are less likely to remove your mask when you are comfortable. 

Any brand that you buy must remain transparent on matters to do with the face mask. That becomes particularly important for the KN95 masks since they are not as regulated as the N95 masks. 

The lack of regulation does not mean brands cannot take measures that increase trustworthiness. For instance, wearing a mask with FDA registration gives you peace of mind that you are well protected. The BNX KN95 face masks are a good example of FDA-registered masks that also meet Chinese standards GB2626-2019 and GB2626-2006.

Buying the KN95 face mask

You need to keep some factors in mind when buying the KN95 respirator. Sometimes you may have difficulty ascertaining you are buying a KN95 mask through observation only. Ensure you review the mask when you receive it before putting it on. 

  • Note any signs of damage
  • The packaging does not have false claims
  • The cost per piece should not be overcharged
  • The brand must be FDA registered 

Wearing the KN95 mask

Even if you have the best quality mask, it will not provide the protection needed if you do not wear it properly. 

For starters, ensure that the mask covers your mouth and nose. Secondly, it should fit tightly on your face without gaps while the ear loops remain comfortable. 

There is a thin balance between wearing your mask properly and remaining comfortable in it. If uncomfortable, you will likely not use it for a long time. You must wear masks with adjustable ear loops and nose bridges.


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