Whether your business responsibilities include software development, systems, cloud, test automation, site reliability, leading scrum teams, infosec, or other essential aspects of information technology, you will be required to work with data analytics and machine learning. 

Businesses’ analytics exposure can come through IT data, such as development metrics and insights from agility, development, or website metrics. There’s no better way to understand the fundamental skills and tools around data analytics and machine learning than to apply them to the data you know and easily use it for valuable insights.

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Once you leave the realm of computer data, things become a little more complicated, and services are provided to teams involved in data science, citizen data scientists, and other business analysts who execute data visualizations, analytics, and machine learning.

The significance of analytics and data science increased IT responsibilities in several areas. For example: 

  • DevOps teams usually deploy and scale data infrastructure to experiment with machine learning models and support production data processing. 
  • Information technology usually provides services around all data integration, back-end databases, and analytics platforms. 
  • Network operation teams establish a secure connection between multiple clouds, SaaS analytics tools, and data centers. 
  • Teams responsible for IT services and management respond to requests and incidents for data analytics services. 
  • Developers integrate analytics and machine learning models into applications.
  • Infosec oversees the governance and implementation of data security.

5 Aspects to Consider in a Solution for Data Analytics

The growth in data analytics requirements has increased the appearance of new applications specialized in these analyses. According to Gartner, by the end of 2022, most business application vendors will compete on the level of analytics in their software products rather than providing just basic functionalities. 

Data analytics is a feature provided by analytical software programs; providing information in real-time, obtaining an interactive visualization of data, and having an Artificial Intelligence that helps you analyze data in a business application are the latest that can be asked.  At the same time, for the management of this data, it must be analyzed and visualized easily to obtain a detailed report to check the sales data earned over the period; such programs must be easy to use and intuitive for users. 

To choose the best data analytics solutions, businesses need to consider many factors, from technical features such as analytics capabilities, integration APIs, data architecture, and security capabilities, to business capabilities such as customer support and pricing. 

We present the five most important aspects to consider while identifying which data analytics programs best suit your requirements. 


It is recommended to search for programs that support the incorporation of graphs and visualization and focus on integrating analysis adapted to your business activity. This is only possible with APIs to handle data updates, natively integrate visualizations, offer interaction, manage authentication and authorization, and much more. This makes the user experience better and provides the necessary ability to analyze the data. 


Businesses need to prioritize software platforms that can scale according to its requirements. They must understand the volume and variety of data they can handle and understand platform performance metrics deeper. In addition, they must also prioritize software that provides an optimal balance between performance and scalability. If they need to integrate a Cloud Analytics/BI provider, then historical service availability is another critical metric they need to consider while choosing data analytics and data science programs. 


Choose a data analytics software capable of working with your app’s security model (for example, single sign-on). Also, specifically ensure that role-based access control in your application can be quickly passed to analytics platforms in terms of access to your features, including data, reports, and dashboards. 


Search for programs to be able to learn automatically and for its artificial intelligence to help you enhance the analysis capacity. It must include data preparation, natural language interfaces, and guided recommendations.


Searching for a vendor that can provide engineering and integration support for your analytics requirements is recommended. Also, check for service level agreements (SLAs) and pricing policies when they license or sell their products. 

Options that integrate data from multiple platforms

Several data integration and analytics tools allow businesses to access, prepare and analyze all their information from any source and environment. 

Its most prominent advantage is data management within companies since they allow the processing of information so that each of the target groups that need to use it has access without any issues, which has repercussions on better communication within organizations.

Because they base their operation on the predictive model and perform interactive visual data analysis in real-time. These tools are ideal for businesses to convert information into knowledge and integrate data with that obtained from other software, thus improving their perspectives and results. 

Tools that support big data sources

Nowadays, several options are available that allow you to build reports and dashboards to visualize data without having to make great computer efforts.

With the ability to further integrate Organization Intelligence technologies to optimize operations, it is now possible to link information held in databases with massive data sources, resulting in a holistic view of your business and customers.

Wrapping up

Managing an organization is not an easy task.  At Trigent, we want to accompany you on your journey.  We have a team specializing in data analytics and data science to take your organization to the next level. Contact us now to talk about what matters, your business.


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