If you are looking for tips for getting better sound from your turntable and enhancing your vinyl listening experience, look no further! We bring you this blogpost that’s full of helpful tips for getting started off on the right foot and get the best performance out of your turntable.

Get yourself a record brush to keep your records dust-free

Brushes made from soft carbon fibre remove loose dust, fibres, hair and other things that tend to settle on any flat surface in our homes. Some of the brushes now also have a conductive metal piece in the handle that helps draw off static electricity, which creates audible noise in the recordplayer.

It’s advisable to keep your records scratch-free and safe from dust and static by substituting good record sleeves for the abrasive paper sleeves. 

Add a cushy record mat

Consider adding a cork record mat. It decouples the record from the platter, which can transmit rumbles from the table’s motor. 

It also grips the record better for a more consistent speed,and cuts down the static that can attract dust particles to the record’s surface. 

Fix unwanted vibrations with the help of vibration isolators 

Vibration Isolators help isolate the needle from vibration. Additionally, they help remove any rumble that may be transmitted from amps, speakers or other devices that share a platform with your turntable.

It can be helpful to get a set of speaker stands to help isolate your turntable from sonic vibrations and enhance your overall listening experience.

Check your cables

Many lp players or turntables come with inexpensive cables that are useful for getting started, but aren’t long-lasting.

Well-built RCA cables use high-quality materials to improve signal transfer, especially over slightly longer cable runs. Turntables also need to be well-grounded to get rid of low-frequency hum, that’s where a high-quality grounding cable can help.

A record cleaning machine to give your records a good cleaning 

A good record cleaning machine with a specially-formulated cleaning fluid and vacuum suction clears out the grooves and can make records sound like new, adding years of listening life by keeping them in good shape. 

Make sure you upgrade your cartridge

To boost the sound quality of your turntable it is suggested that you upgrade the cartridge. Higher-end cartridges use better materials and more-complex stylus shapes that enable them to better track record grooves and pick up the finer nuances.

Ensure the best performance by keeping the turntable flat and level

It’s helpful to remember that the turntables perform best when they are completely flat and level, helping the stylus on the cartridge to drag evenly across a record’s grooves without favouring the left or right channel in the stereo signal. 

A word on the bluetooth turntables that are fast gaining popularity

With bluetooth turntables, you get considerable convenience that comes at the cost of some sound quality. It is good for casual listening but if you’re an audiophile then you’ll want to avoid a wireless turntable. 

Hopefully, these quick expert tips on how to get the best performance out of your turntable will be helpful.