Numerous law firms tout their services as the “best” or claim to have the top legal “experts” in their field. While some firms are undoubtedly a cut above the rest, most of them are simply blowing their own horn. A firm’s reputation should speak for itself. In this regard, Jensen Family law has created a name for itself, helping clients with their cases. For more information about what they do, check this out.

Being a top law firm is no mean feat; it involves tremendous hard work, determination, and a host of other things that must all align.

For Jensen Family Law, the process is a critical part of client representation. Clients aren’t simply “numbers” to be cleared off their case logs. Deeply understanding what’s at stake and how best to help clients is a key part of their impartial approach that has seen them rise to the top.

Below are some of the characteristics that set Jensen Family Law apart:


When it comes to settling family issues– whether a divorce or a child custody issue- few things are as crucial as experience. With the stakes being high for all involved parties, there is no room for mistakes that can mess up a case. Such mistakes are common with novice lawyers who haven’t handled enough cases to have the required experience.

With Jensen Family Law, clients can expect to benefit from three decades of experience each time their case is handled. Issues like divorce and child custody are very stressful. That’s why clients prefer attorneys that know how to handle them properly. Jensen Family Law’s experience has helped to set them apart from other such law firms.

2) Knowing the Local Judicial Scene

Simply having a law degree and a few cases under one’s belt aren’t usually enough to get positive results consistently. A thorough understanding of a particular jurisdiction’s legal process, nuances, key players, and local politics is often pivotal. For example, there are judges known to be fervent supporters of one side on divisive public issues. In cases where such a judge has the legal discretion to rule as they see fit, it can be problematic for clients on the wrong side of such issues. Jensen Family Law, having handled numerous family cases in Scottsdale, knows the local judicial scene like the back of its hand. This puts them in a unique position when representing clients there.

3) Helping Clients Understand Their Situation

Practicing law isn’t simply a matter of taking a client’s case and acting on the facts immediately. The client needs to fully understand their situation and what to expect. This is key for emotionally-charged cases like divorce or child custody disputes. Sometimes, clients seek legal representation with wrong or unrealistic expectations. It is up to the lawyers to temper such expectations, something that Jensen Family Law is good at. Their lawyers explain all the finer points of the case to the client, pointing out key issues and what to expect throughout the process.

4) Availability

Effective communication is a key component of any attorney-client relationship. Given how tense most divorce or child custody cases can be, clients want regular updates or answers to their inquiries. The attorneys at Jensen Family Law are there for their clients whenever necessary. This ensures a sound working relationship that doesn’t detract from the overall direction of a case.


While law practice is a profession, it’s also a vocation. Those not passionate about law practice may win cases now and then. However, their lack of enthusiasm for what they do tends to show eventually. This can be the sticking point that causes clients to part ways with their lawyers. At Jensen Family Law, there is a palpable sense of aggressive legal representation. Their attorneys give their all when it comes to helping clients in family cases of divorce or child custody. This is one of the key attributes that has helped to set them apart.

6) Individualized Case Handling

Every case is different regardless of how similar it is to a previous one. While all lawyers know this, there is a tendency to make assumptions while handling a case. At Jensen Family Law, clients can expect their cases to be treated as is with no unrelated assumptions. The accuracy of facts and circumstances is a key guide. Along with decades of experience, all these elements come to bear on a client’s case excellent legal representation.

All these characteristics have made Jensen Family Law a cut above the rest.


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