15 October 2023 is the day when MotoPress released their new development: Lorenty. This WordPress template is designed to streamline website creation for enterprises operating in the equipment rental niche. Whether you rent items for parties, lease bikes, or offer boats or airplanes for time-based usage, this theme possesses all the essential features to make your business successful.

Oksana Shchyra, CMO at MotoPress, had this to say about their new product:

“Lorenty is a solution for small equipment rental companies that need a professional website design and a smart booking system. We were inspired by the challenge to identify the pain points of small businesses, such as moms starting baby rental product lines or filmmaker enthusiasts turning their habit of renting out film equipment into a professional career. Now that the theme is launched, our team is delighted to hear the first feedback from our customers! They say that running their websites on Lorenty saves them hours each week, and most importantly, they are seeing better feedback from their clients.”

The release of Lorenty has augmented MotoPress’s product line to a comprehensive collection of reservation solutions. Now, in addition to the Appointment Booking plugin along with the Hotel Reservation extension, as well as a vast assortment of corresponding themes, another business area has been addressed: the equipment rental niche.

For those interested in acquiring this solution, there are two options. If you want to use the template on just one website, the price is $79.00. However, if you manage multiple rental equipment websites or if you’re a webmaster creating sites for others — and a significant portion of your clientele consists of rental equipment enterprise owners — then a license for an unlimited number of websites, priced at $199.00, might be more appealing.

If anyone is still wondering whether it’s worth it, we’ll delve into some of the most crucial features shortly. However, you can quickly gauge the deal’s profitability with these parameters: the total budget for template creation was $40,000; it took 9 months of development, and many individuals worked on Lorenty, including two software developers, two designers, one QA specialist, and a small marketing and copywriting team. Considering these facts, it’s clear that this is an excellent deal — you’re acquiring the software for 0.2% of its development cost.

Lorenty is more than just a mere website “design”: it’s a package equipped with additional tools. Along with the theme itself, it includes the Appointment Booking plugin, tailored to meet the needs of the equipment rental business; Getwid, a specialized extension that offers around 45 additional advanced Gutenberg blocks; and a suite of starter kits catering to various businesses, ranging from bike rentals to plane leases. All of these demos can be swiftly imported using the One Click Demo Import plugin’s capabilities.

Regarding the functionalities present in the bundle, they include an AI writing assistant for rapid rental descriptions (thanks to one of the Getwid blocks), a customizable booking form, various directory styles, and integrated payment options like Stripe, PayPal, and Apple Pay. The package also offers a feature-rich admin dashboard, bookings calendar, client and staff accounts, multiple widget zones, customizable navigation menus, three header styles, and modern SEO-optimized blog layouts.

Overall, the newly created technical solution from MotoPress is a comprehensive toolkit for those in the equipment rental business, whether it involves renting out items for parties or offering time-based use of yachts and planes. Considering the cost of creating a similar platform and its current retail price, it’s undoubtedly a profitable deal. Particularly when considering that Lorenty is a tool for generating revenue: in other words, you’re investing when purchasing this theme rather than acquiring a non-income-generating asset.

MotoPress is a company with over 10 years of history under its belt. During this time, they’ve created over 65 various WordPress-related products. These range from widely-used tools like the Content Editor (similar in features to Elementor) and Getwid (a set of nearly 40 Gutenberg blocks that enhance the capabilities of the default editor) to more niche-specific products such as appointment and hotel booking plugins, add-ons that extend default functionalities of these extensions, and templates that correspond to these types of businesses.