OMG is “ Oh My God ”. So, it’s the short form of the expression “ Oh My God ”. As you know people use “ Oh My God ” expression generally when they get surprised or when they hysterical or when they extremely like commodity and so on.

What OMG mean? What’s OMG mean? OMG means. OMG description. OMG meaning.

So, why people say OMG rather of saying “ Oh My God ”?

Actually, it’s used by people in the jotting format generally when they’re texting, emailing or drooling online with their musketeers. So, utmost of time people do n’t yell OMG, but just write it if they find commodity surprising while drooling/ texting online with their musketeers. utmost of time people tends to use short form when they’re drooling/ texting from mobile bias because writing short form will readily for them to class. But also these days there are some people who use to say OMG indeed when they’re talking with musketeers, not only when texting.

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