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How do you use Great Runes in Elden Ring? Great Runes can be dropped by defeated bosses of the mainline and should be activated prior to being used. If you use them in your entire life, they will give you big bonuses. In our Elden Ring instruction, we’ll teach you how to use Great Runes.

This game is growing in popularity in countries like the United States of America, Canada,the United Kingdom and Australia. For more information, see How To Great Equip Runes.

What are the great runes?

The Elden Rings’ arsenal of great runes is quite powerful and may be overlooked for some time. You will not be able to obtain your first Elden Ring until you fight Godrick. However, it is essential that you wear it in order to fully benefit from its powers. Here’s how you can get Great Runes in Elden Ring

After defeating Godrick in Storm veil Castle, you will be awarded a Great Rune. To unlock the Rune you will need to visit the Divine Castle in Lim grave. However, if you have already done this, donning the Rune will be a breeze. You will need to visit the Divine Castle Of Lim grave to unlock the Rune. However, if you have already worn the Rune, it is easy to do so. How To Great Equip Runesguide will give you all the details about activation.

Although the strong Great Runes offer huge bonuses in many of Elden Ring’s most difficult fights, activating and obtaining one can be as challenging as conquering a boss. Many gamers don’t understand how Great Runes work and if they are active at all.

All Great Runes can be obtained and activated the same way, regardless of where or who they are from.

If you use a Rune Arc, you will activate the Great Rune until you die. These details will assist you in activating the Great Rune.

Elden Ring Great Equip Runes

Take a break at any Sites of Mercy. You may see the Great Rune selecting option in any of the fall tasks you can complete. Click on the Great Rune to equip Godrick on your character. You have now equipped it, but it is inactive at the moment. To activate a Great Rune, you will need a Rune Arc. These valuable resources are available to the user in the Lands Between.

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More information about the process:

Great Runes should be activated by the Divine Towers user. How To Great Equip Runes , are usually very close to the boss they were earned from.

If you have the Great Rune of Godrick the Grafted, then you can proceed east along the castle wall to the Divine Towers Of Limgrave. Connect with the altar once you have reached the top. As a result, the Great Rune will be activated.


Elden Ring is a brand new video game by Japanese developer From Software. They are well-known for their Dark Souls series, which is notoriously difficult.

Completionism will take around 99 and a quarter hours to complete the game. For more information, see the How To Great Equip Runes article.

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