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Braces – Another Tool That Will Help You Maximize Your Oral Health

While most of your child’s peers could already have braces on or Invisalign Teen, the prospect of starting treatment can be intimidating. Are braces painful? Would I be able to talk properly while wearing clear aligners? How long will Invisalign treatment take to complete? Your child’s mind is most likely flooded with a million unanswered questions.

We will address all of your child’s concerns and make sure they understand the treatment. However, there are some things parents may do to help their children prepare for braces and clear aligners.

Schedule an appointment regarding your child’s first orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven

Children should be evaluated by a skilled practitioner in orthodontics at the first sign of orthodontic difficulties or no later than the age of seven. In most cases, this will start the observation phase. The orthodontist will keep track of their development and growth throughout time and contact you when treatment is necessary. If a dentist detects an approaching problem, he may use equipment to impact the growth of their jaws or the eruption of permanent teeth to make treatment more accessible, faster, and less expensive throughout their adolescent years.

Talk about your expectations and the treatment options for your child or adolescent

Ensuring you and your child are on the same page is the first step in getting them prepared for braces / clear aligners. Orthodontic treatment won’t interfere more with their daily activities than the modern treatments used at any modern-day dental clinic, but it will require some commitment. When your child or teen has braces, they must wear a mouthguard whenever participating in sports. Maintain good oral hygiene & stay away from foods that can damage their brackets and wires, such as something tough, sticky or chewy.

Discussing treatment alternatives with your child or teen and considering their lifestyle can help the teeth-straightening procedure go more quickly. At the same price, we offer clear braces, metal braces, and clear aligners, allowing you to select the best treatment for the child and family instead of based just on cost.

Metal braces may be the best solution if your child enjoys wearing braces and exhibiting their personality using different colored rubber bands. Transparent braces/aligners may be a preferable alternative for them if they don’t want to bring attention to their smile. Once they discover a treatment that works for them, it might make the transition easier and ensure that they are willing to put in the effort required.

Going to buy dental supplies together

Stocking up on everything you’ll need in advance and including them is another excellent way to prep kids for braces or aligners. Begin by brainstorming some brace-friendly dishes that you and your partner can prepare together.

Because teeth might feel sensitive after receiving braces or aligners for the first time, stock the pantry and refrigerator with soft meals and cool liquids like yoghurt, soups, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, smoothies, soft-cooked meats, and ice cream. Pick up some fluoride toothpaste, a nice toothbrush,  orthodontic wax, orthodontic flossers, interproximal brushes,  and over-the-counter pain meds while you’re at it. The adjustment is simple when you have everything you need, whenever you need it.

Remain Focused On The Final Result

While preparing your child for braces / clear aligner treatment, make it a priority to keep their emphasis on the result and the fantastic smile they’ll have once treatment is completed. It might serve as a powerful motivator for them to maintain their end of the treatment arrangement. Tell them about your beautiful smile and how the confidence you gained as a result of your orthodontic treatment has helped you.

Seek out professional assistance

Don’t hesitate to contact us if nothing seems to work and your child is overly apprehensive about starting a treatment or refusing to cooperate during the teeth-straightening process. We may provide you with further advice and discuss with your kid why doing something, such as wearing the aligners for the recommended period of time and caring for their braces, will produce the best results. We’ve got your back, parents! If you’re considering Invisalign treatments for your teenager who wants a more attractive smile, book a consultation right away to get started sooner rather than later.


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