Diablo 4 will be officially released soon, but at the same time, Blizzard said that there is still an early access version that players can choose. If you’ve ever wondered how to get early access and Diablo 4 Gold, this is what you need.

Since Blizzard officially announced that Diablo 4 will be released this year, many Diablo fans have been very excited about it. Moreover, the open beta was carried out in the middle and late March of this year, and the last Server Slam weekend test was carried out in mid-May.

And for this Diablo 4 server slam test, most players think it is a success. Although the strength of some classes in Server Slam makes people feel abandoned, I still believe that there will be more after the official release. A good fix. Because as the third and final test period of Diablo 4, Blizzard has provided a good improvement line after repeated game tests and seeking feedback from fans for some situations in the game. So the success of Server Slam this time helps to reassure fans and look forward to the official release of D4. With Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal somewhat lacking, players were pretty happy with the results and D4 Gold for sale, and are looking forward to Diablo 4.

The Early Access version of Diablo 4 will appear before the official release of the game. Players who can’t wait can experience Early Access version of Diablo 4. I believe players will find all kinds of fun in the game.

Early Access Dates

The Diablo 4 early access version is planned to start on June 1, and because it will be officially released on the 6th, the trial version will last no more than four days. Using these few days, early access players can fully experience the fun of the game and explore the game content, including the complete map and various classes of Diablo 4. And if you want to be able to play in the game and easily cope with the challenges encountered in various explorations, I believe Diablo 4 Gold will bring you great help.

Here’s when Diablo 4 Early Access starts:

  • June 1: 4pm PDT
  • June 2: 1 a.m.
  • June 2: 12am BST

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The early experience of Diablo 4 will be launched on PS/XBOX/PC at that time, everyone is welcome to join.

I believe that after the early access version, everyone will have a general understanding of various classes and subsequent map exploration. But at the same time, because the starting point is the same, it will be a tough challenge for novice players to achieve a good result after the official release of the game. At that time, I believe that some useful Diablo 4 Items will greatly improve the survival rate of players in the early stage. This greatly improves the gaming experience of the players.