You’re here to determine whether you should buy an item from Wccro you think? If yes then you’ve arrived on the right website since we’ve tried to present the truth of this site in the most accurate way we can in this review section. The only thing you need to do is look to Wccro review to find out if is it a Wccro .com fraud or a reputable business.

What exactly is Wccro .com?

It’s an online shop that sells a variety of products such as LIFT CHAIR RECLINER with MASSAGE AND HEAT, Electric Log Splitter, STIHL MS 881 Petrol Chainsaw, 105 cm (41 inches) Portable 7000-pound automatic lift-the perfect present for your vehicle, the the ultimate Toolbox (512 PCS) Purple Leaf 10-foot Patio Umbrella outdoor square Umbrella Big Cantilever Umbrella Windproof Offset Umbrella Heavy-duty sun Umbrella to Garden Deck Pool Patio, ELECTRIC LAWN MOWER F2 Chain Sawmill and more. There are many things to be aware of before selecting the best place to shop.

The WebCro has identified Wccro among the sites that are fraudulent according to the following disadvantages:

Contact Information:

The parent company’s name is stated in the Terms and Conditions page of Kentesh Ltd. The parent company’s name is presented in an image format, rather than directly writing on the website. This is typically performed by scam websites to ensure that no one will be able to find their website by searching the address and company’s name on Google. Additionally, the name of this company has been used in dangerous websites like Asdpiny, Indeepro, Tleaeeg, ChicFlory, Endeme, Venfaber, Cermayn, Nortonaa, Diarirua, Buluner, Blueperla, Zhekeai, Ricarpos, Yensuhoh, Animxxes, Preteedo, Benscap, Anyosore, Damutia, Gavreal, Kyribelle, Aurnora, Juttana, Zonyshe, MoroShirt, Gervars, Deloresn, VerakitShop, Menicy, Htvslr, Inheregood, Ashbylike, Ngysee, HeleStyle, Gustven, Kusdrey, Keavaty, Necalyon, Tarinart, Belashe, Vanisesar, Kohllist, Holicrally, Ronadvice, etc. We will never put our trust in such a company to do any online shopping.

It has also provided a different company’s name that is MAYLERESCAPE LIMITED on its Contact Us page.

At the time of this review it is providing its parent company names MAYLERESCAPE Limited and Kentesh Ltd., however it may alter its parent company’s name and address as other types of sites have also changed the names of their parents’ companies and addresses in the past.

We have discovered that the contact information “oetemex@outlook .com” It is an unpaid email address, however it is not the domain specific one.

The security of the website

It has displayed false trust seals logos from McAfee and Norton on its several product Details pages. If you purchase from this website you could be exposing your personal financial and personal information like your credit card details could be stolen.

Discounts and sales offers:

It has listed a wide range of goods on sale at absurdly low prices which is nearly impossible for any legitimate store to sell regardless of Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Copyed content:

The theme of the website and a lot of other details on its site are in line with a variety of scam websites.

It has also stated the domain name of a different website , rather than its own on its policy pages i.e. Oetemex .com but hasn’t provided any information about its relationship with the website, whereas legitimate companies always make mention of their connections to other sister websites, if there are any.

Exchange and Returns:

Its Return Policy has been found as a complete nonsense to provide any type of exchange or return products to its customers. It is stated that return shipping charges are to be payable by the customer. Therefore, we’ve found these kinds of stores rarely allow returns or exchanges at all. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to receive the entire or even a part of the repayment from these kinds of stores online due to their confusing return and/or exchange policies.

Customer Complaints and Delivery

The delivery times and customer service and after sales support of these types of stores on the internet are thought to be inadequate as per complaints of customers of similar online stores.

Our Final Verdict:

The facts presented above on this website prove that Wccro is not a different site that one among the fraud websites.

There are a variety of websites that are considered to be suspicious in the “Suspicious” section by clicking here< or you can find about various kinds of scams by scrolling within our “Scams” category by clicking >HERE, or browse our home page for the most informative and useful articles by clicking >HER.

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There are a lot of online stores claim that they are selling various products at enormous discounts, but the majority of them are frauds. Therefore, it is recommended to stay clear of new online stores, or at the very least conduct some research before purchasing anything from these online stores as the majority of these online stores do not deliver products purchased to their customers or even deliver completely unrelated or low-quality products. Certain online stores that are scams have charged credit cards of customers in random ways without their permission. If you’ve had the misfortune of purchasing from scam websites, we recommend that you immediately call your credit card or bank company to protect your credit card details.


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