Finding a dependable flatbed trucking firm can be challenging for new and seasoned veteran drivers. Worse still, it’s hard to get a company that pays decently and treats employees with dignity. Thankfully, there are many firms within this sector. As such, drivers seeking good employers can easily shop around. Here are some of the top flatbed trucking businesses if you’re looking for a great flatbed trucking company.

  1. Werner Trucking

Werner trucks have been on the road since 1956. They are among the top reputable nationwide flatbed trucking businesses always hiring. Furthermore, Werner’s fleet has 7,400 vehicles and 24,000 trailers spread across Mexico, the United States, and Canada. When they hire you as a driver, you can benefit in several ways. They give drivers the freedom to deliver the solutions that best suit their particular lives. Also, they allow workers to live anywhere within the nation when working for them.

  1. Prime Trucking

Prime Trucking, a leading company in flatbed transportation, offers its employees perks and prizes to fully compensate for their efforts. Prime ranks high on several drivers’ choices because of its latest machinery, ample break time, and great bonuses. Besides, the organization also recruits workers for intermodal, tanker, and refrigerated trucks.

  1. Mercer Transportation

Since 1977, Mercer Transportation still ranks high in the transportation industry, particularly the trucking business. Its primary concern and goal have always been the welfare of consumers and their stuff. Mercer has at least 2300 trucks plus 11000 carriers. Mercer Transportation employs drivers, striving to provide them with a friendly working environment. Drivers can operate under independent contracts. They also have the option to run as preferred carriers. 

  1. Schneider Trucking

Schneider Trucks has served the logistics and transportation sector for 80 years. Drivers can depend on their lengthy and reliable background. So to say, they’re a dependable employer. Moreover, drivers can establish a fantastic career with Schneider, as it offers suitable home time, full benefits, modern equipment, and consistent employment. Better yet, their drivers can work part-time should their plan require them to stay throughout the highway.

  1. American Freight Inc. 

American Freight Inc. provides shipping solutions for FTL or LTL flatbed transportation requirements. They can transport a range of cargo, from building supplies to industrial machinery. Consumers can use American Freight companies for substantial or minimal orders; They manage their logistics in-house to guarantee that cargo arrives undamaged and on schedule. Also, they operate across Canada and the United States.

  1. YRC Worldwide

It’s a North American holding corporation that has served the trucking industry from as early as 1929. Its headquarters in Kansas manages over 300 stations. Also, YRC Worldwide handles approximately 11 million deliveries every year.

  1. TMC Transportation

TMC Trucking company is unique amongst other firms. It stands out as the largest staff-owned flatbed hauler within the US. Having been operational for almost 40 years, they offer their staff two compensation methods: percentage or mileage pay.

  1. Interstate Distributor Co. 

Interstate Distributor Co. has been in existence since 1933with headquarters in Tacoma. The firm runs alongside several Fortune 500 firms. Thus, it’s an industry market leader that provides local, international, accelerated, devoted, and personalized solutions. They have numerous driving jobs, spanning from OTR, regional, casual, and part-time positions.

  1. Anderson Trucking Service(ATS)

ATS got on the road in 1955, back when trucking was under solid regulations. When their firm began growing, they bought extra fleets and invested more in transportation. Aspiring drivers can count on ATS to provide work within the flatbed trucking sector. 

Drivers who work at ATS can apply to be flatbed or OTR truckers. Further, the company values its staff members for their commitment and diligence. Their salary is excellent, and workers get awards and incentives depending on their productivity. Further, the company has five flatbed trucker divisions for drivers seeking work to qualify based on their experience.

  1. Flatbed Trucking Licenses and Certification

If you want to be a flatbed driver, you should consider getting a CDL Category A commercial driving license. You have to complete special driving examinations. Once you have the license, you’ll be able to traverse state boundaries and drive massive trucks weighing beyond 26000 pounds, and you’ll be capable of towing beyond 10000 pounds.

Usually, companies will ask you for additional paperwork such as high school diplomas, GED, or proof of attending a commercial truck driving institution. Note that drivers may also need additional paperwork depending on the type of goods they deliver. Some of the best trucking businesses can hire you within the flatbed sector. New and seasoned drivers can benefit from the opportunities that these firms offer.


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