Replacing windows can cost quite a lot of money. The window replacement cost varies widely; it ranges between $200-$1800. When the weather is cold, you may not want to spend money replacing windows and doors. No matter how energy-efficient they are, owning them costs a lot of money.

The best time is August when most homeowners make plans to go for a vacation, or it’s time when schools are resuming. During these times of the year, buying materials and supplies needed for window installation become cheap. Also, contractors and builders tend to be idle, so scheduling an appointment becomes easy. Portland’s top window replacement experts will replace your windows at the right time of the year to make them stylish. Read on to learn the best times of the year to replace windows.


The weather is warming up, but the ground hasn’t completely thawed out yet. It means that you’ll be able to work on your windows without having them sink into the mud. 


  • The contractor will have fewer issues with removing old windows and installing new ones.
  • Most people are ready to start thinking about home improvement projects again after a long winter. They’re ready to get their homes looking nicer and fresher, so it’s an ideal time to think about replacing their windows.


  • It is cumbersome to schedule an appointment with the contractor because everyone is thinking about home improvement.


Summer is hot and humid, but it’s the season where you can enjoy your new windows without the interruption of rain or snow. 


  • Window replacements tend to be cheaper during the summer because of the lower demand for window installation.
  • The weather is friendly you can work outside without worrying about being cold or wet.


  • In summer, most people are on vacation and not around to supervise work in their homes.

What Is Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows are windows that get installed in place of an existing window. They can be of wood, aluminum, or vinyl. Replacement windows repair broken or damaged windows, but they can be installed to improve a home’s look or make it more energy-efficient.

Replacement windows are in different shapes and sizes to suit different needs. For example, a slider is a replacement window that slides horizontally into place from one side of the house to another. A casement window is a replacement window that swings open from the side like a door. And a picture window opens vertically like a picture frame.

Replacement windows may also be divided into two categories: double-hung and single-hung. Double-hung windows have two sashes (the part of the frame that holds the glass) which move up and down separately. Single-hung windows have one sash that moves up and down on its track but cannot be opened separately from the other sash.

What Should You Do to Ensure Your Window Is Safely Replaced?

Make sure you replace your windows when it is warm. It is because the glass will expand and contract as temperatures change, which will cause the window to crack and break. The procedure of removing and installing a new window can be quite messy. If you do it in cold weather, you run the risk of having to replace your carpet or other parts of your home that get soaked with water or dirt.

Ensure that the contractor applies silicone around the window’s edges, enhancing flexibility. It will help seal out moisture and keep air from getting in behind it. If you notice any condensation forming on the inside of your window, contact your contractor immediately.

Have your contractor use sealant around all of the places where two pieces of glass meet. If you don’t use sealant, there could be small cracks or gaps that allow for water infiltration and corrosion over time, weakening your new windows and making them less energy-efficient.

What is Cheaper Between Replacement Windows and New Construction Windows?

While it’s true that new construction windows are less expensive to install, you have to factor in the cost of the labor and materials required to install them. If you do this and then compare the two options, you’ll find that replacement windows are often much more cost-effective.

Replacement windows can be custom-made to fit into any existing opening or wall. It makes them perfect for standard homes and historic buildings or other structures with unique architectural features.

Window replacement is a very tempting endeavor — those energy savings, enhanced energy efficiency, and the increased value, to name a few benefits. However, window replacement can be costly as well. It will cost you between $200 and $1800, depending on the type of windows you install and their quality.


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