Imagine managing a business with sales, marketing, and customer relationship divisions all messed up. Day to day operations are falling off the track, sales are plummeting, marketing communication is behind the times and customer satisfaction is tumbling.

As petrifying as this scenario seems, it is equally overwhelming not to have diverse departments of your business tied together.

This is exactly where HubSpot takes a centre stage. 

HubSpot is a revolutionary tool that can transform the way you do business. It is an all-in-one platform where sales, marketing, customer service, operations and services are impeccably intertwined to create a holistic package.

Before diving into the benefits of HubSpot for business needs, recognising your pain points will help you make wise decisions to leverage the platform completely.

Know your Pain Points

Discuss with your team and come up with the problems your customers are facing when they use your services or products. Are you encountering a drop in email signups? Do you experience a marketing hassle every time you run your campaigns? Are your ads not reaching the right target audience? Do your blogs not gain enough traction? Is your social media engagement not up to the mark? Does your website need a new look?

The more clearly you can identify your challenges, the more successfully you can partner with HubSpot to improve your operations.

After determining your pain points, select the tool that will help you do your task most effectively. HubSpot has divided its applications into six different hubs based on their functions.

The following are some sample pain points that can be addressed using HubSpot tools housed under HubSpot Hubs.

Business Pain PointsHubSpot ToolsHubSpot Hubs
Do you want to simplify your marketing workflows?Marketing AutomationMarketing Hub
Are you looking for automating your emails?Email MarketingMarketing Hub
Do you want to manage your sales pipeline efficiently?Pipeline ManagementSales Hub
Are you struggling to build a new website?Drag and Drop Web BuilderCMS Hub
Do you want feedback from your customers?Customer SurveysService Hub
Is data accuracy and precision your concern?Data Quality automationOperations Hub
Are your payment and billing process in chaos?Billing AutomationCommerce Hub

How Can HubSpot Help Your Business?

HubSpot offers 6 different hubs that integrate with one another on a single platform like a well-oiled machine, offering comprehensive business solutions across a range of spectrums.

Let us explore each hub and the benefits it offers:

  • Marketing Hub

It is a single platform that enables you to generate revenue through effective marketing operations. It allows you to generate leads, nurture and interact with them.

Popular features include

·       Form Builder

·       Salesforce Integration

·       Email Marketing

·       Live chat with chat automation

·       Campaign Management

·       Contact Management

·       Automate workflows using Marketing Automation

·       Track insights using marketing analytics, dashboards, advanced reporting

Sales Hub

An easy-to-use sales software that boosts sales, drives productivity, and focuses on quality leads rather than quantity.

Popular features include:

·       Lead Management and Prospecting

·       Personalised Email Templates

·       Pipeline Management

·       Deal Forecasting

·       Sales Automation

·       Email Tracking

·       Call Tracking

·       Document Tracker

·       Meeting Scheduler

Service Hub

It is a customer service software that houses all your query, chat, call and mail servicing tools. A platform that lets you support, retain, and grow your customer base at every step of the journey.

Popular features include:

·       Secure Customer Portal

·       Live Chat

·       Create FAQs and Knowledge Base

·       Inbound Calling

·       Omnichannel Messaging

·       Create Feedback Surveys

·       Connect via Social Platforms using Shared Inbox

·       Help Desk and Ticketing

·       Service Analytics

·       Team Management, SLAs

·       Automated Customer Service


If you are looking to build websites, manage and optimise for conversion, HubSpot’s Content Management Software is for you.

Popular features include:

·       Drag and Drop Editor

·       Blog Maker

·       Integrated CRM

·       Build Dynamic Content

·       SEO Recommendations

·       Website Tracking and Analytics

·       A/B Testing

·       Website Domain Management

·       Cloud Hosting

·       Security And Compliance

Operations Hub

It is an operation software which facilitates your team to easily synchronize, tidy up and integrate customer data as well as systematize business processes.

Popular features include:

·       Data sync and data curation

·       Data Automation

·       Remove bad data using data quality command centre

·       Workflow extensions

·       Streamline reporting with datasets

·       Create persuasive illustrations with CRM data using custom reporting.

Commerce Hub

A powerful commerce software that eases all your payment and billing processes in a single platform.

Popular features include:

·       Payment Links

·       Easy Checkouts

·       Invoices, Quotes

·       Subscriptions

·       Billing Automation

·       Revenue Reporting

Final Words

HubSpot’s unified platform allows sales, marketing teams to work in tandem with customer service teams. This platform offers numerous advantages to help your business grow and scale new heights.

With incredible features and benefits it offers, there probably isn’t a single reason why you shouldn’t be using HubSpot for your business.