Are you a fan of running? Yes, we all start off as good runners while we are young. Somewhere on the eway, we build an aversion towards running as it is very hard and it requires a lot of effort from our side. However, you can reinvent your running easily by taking up Online running. You might wonder what it is.

If you have never come across the term, you should be living under a rock. Yes, the new and engaging running experience has created a wave of sorts in the fitness arena. By employing technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality, you can now exercise and enjoy at the same time.

Practise Running in the Realistic Yet Virtual World of Vingo

Start practising running by constantly doing Indoor running. While running on a treadmill is not interesting, you can get the best results for your running by using an app called Vingo. It is a novel app that creates an immersive experience for the people using it. While virtual reality technology is still in its infancy, you can still get an engaging experience for people. The app creates a whole new world that is complete with its own set of tracks, roads, trees, nature and even beaches. So, you need not be worried about the realistic nature of your workout place.

Collaborate or Compete with Friends & Colleagues

If you are new, then you can collaborate with people who are like you. You can even bring your own family members to this exciting game. Yes, Vingo is like a massively played multiplayer online game. Instead of winning by killing off others, you get to run or cycle with others. So, with enough experience, you can also start to compete with others. On the Online running app you get a realistic view of all the famous landscapes in the world.

You can even use the app to get on a day of workout with your colleagues. Even if you are not the most competitive person, you can still enjoy a small bout of running.

Stay Active on Social Media Even While Working Out

Another interesting feature of the Vingo app is that you can stay connected to social media in real time. So, all that you need to share your progress or improvement to your social media followers and friends is present in the website. With a click of a button, you can seamlessly share your progress to Facebook or Twitter. With the biking app you can also use it for creating an immersive experience for cycling. RSimilar to running, you can get a virtual cycling area.

Enjoy Your Running From Inside Your Home

If you are working on something, never let the world see you before you finish working out. Otherwise, people who want to see you fall down will pull you down. That is why the app provides all the urgent care that you need to make yourself into the best runner you can be. So, don’t be bogged down by others and start working on your body today.


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