A new house represents a beginning of a new chapter in your life. You can’t wait to give your new home the eccentricity you always fantasized about and start living in your dream home. However, the entire packing and moving process can be stressful and tiresome. You need to renovate and modify your old house to stage it for sale, move out unwanted equipment, and pack up boxes, furniture, and household for the moving day. 

Moving all your stuff from one location to another is one of the most difficult aspects of relocating. However, renting self-storage units can alleviate the stress of the move, especially when you’re still looking for a new place. Self-storage units are getting increasingly trendy these days among individuals and businesses equally for the right reasons.

If you’re going to sell your home and relocate, you may be asking why self-storage is so crucial. Scroll down to learn about the benefits of using storage facilities for your home belongings before, during, and after a move.

Benefits of Self-Storage over Warehouse Storage

Storage facilities provide various options, including warehouses, self-storage units, standard storage units, and open storage areas to store valuable belongings and equipment for longer periods. 

While warehouse facilities provide a controlled atmosphere, the shared space and limited accessibility are unsuitable for storing personal belongings. Self-storage units provide a solo lock-and-key space for your equipment. 

Self-storage facilities are available in all big cities and towns across the US. Even in smaller cities and towns like Shreveport, you can find state-of-the-art storage units with 24/7 security surveillance, easy access, dust prevention, and a climate control facility. 

When you search for “self storage Shreveport LA,” you can find some credible storage facilities like StrongPoint Self Storage which provide clean and ready-to-rent climate-controlled self-storage units at affordable rates. You can choose from various sizes and added features that best fit your needs. Apart from being the most affordable storage option, these self-storage units are convenient and flexible. 

Why Use Self-Storage When Moving Your Home 

Self-storage units have far-reaching benefits when moving from one place to another, and here’s why: 

  1. Better Preparation for the Moving Process

Using self-storage throughout the relocation process gives you more space, time, and convenience to prepare for the moving process. You can easily shift items you won’t need for quite some time before packing the essentials. 

In ideal circumstances, moving your home within a day is nearly impossible. While you pack your home one room at a time, you can move your belongings to the storage unit to divide the packing and moving process into more manageable chunks and avoid a hassle on moving day. 

You can temporarily rent a self-storage unit and gradually move your valuable belongings, large furniture items, and household items. This will allow more space to easily pack your remaining items and avoid the clutter of packed boxes scattered all over the house. When moving day arrives, you can transfer your essentials into your new home directly from the storage unit in a meticulous and organized manner.

  1. Make Space for Renovations before Selling

If you’re planning to sell the house before looking for a new one, it is high time to do some repairs and renovate it to increase its curb appeal and value

Home improvement and renovation projects are not easy when you decide to stay in the house during the entire process. While a team of workers may be busy smashing down walls, others would need you to vacate your kitchen to repair fixtures. During this process, the dust, debris, and frequent movement inside the house can damage your valuable household items, while lack of space will slow down renovation work. 

Home improvement projects are more effective when you provide more space to workers. This is why it’s always best to temporarily move your belongings to a self-storage facility. 

  1. Special Space for Your Special Things 

Moving a house can be ghastly for your valuable possessions. Instead of risking their safety before the moving day, you can place your precious items in a self-storage unit. If you’re moving to a new home within the same city, you can move these items to your new home once you’ve put the larger items in place. 

  1. Clear Clutter

Moving is the best time to clear out the clutter in your house and mark items and furnishings you could do without. As you pack your belongings for the self-storage unit, you will be surprised to see how many useless items you have been holding on to for years. 

You can separate all the clutter in a separate area in your old home and move only those items to storage that you want to keep for your next home. Meanwhile, you can organize a garage sale or donate useless items for good. 

  1. Creating a Staged Move

Moving from one place to another usually takes more days than you anticipated. Instead of completing the entire move in one day, it’s always better to move in stages, particularly if your new home is under renovation.  

Since self-storage units provide easy accessibility and 24/7 availability, you can shift your items to storage as you pack. This way, you can make a DIY move instead of hiring professional movers and save a few bucks from your moving budget.

Final Thoughts

Moving to a new house is a significant life event, and you want things to go as smoothly and conveniently as possible. Renting a self-storage unit will save you from the hassle of piling up your home and ruining your valuable possessions while you move out and renovate your new home. 

When selecting a storage unit, ensure it is close by and offers amenities such as video surveillance, security, maintenance, online bill payment methods, and an elevator facility. Some storage facilities are open 24 hours a day, while others have fixed hours. 

Additionally, select the storage unit size that best meets your requirements. Make a moving checklist and receive an estimate for the appropriate storage unit size. We hope you’ll take advantage of the suggestions above to make your relocation as simple and easy as possible.


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