According to a survey of more than a thousand internet users in the United States, 2.8% owned NFTs, with 3.9% expecting to buy shortly. Web 3.0, Blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse are projected to grow in popularity as time goes on. The NFT sector, for example, is making it easier for digital artists to mint and sell their work at six-figure prices, often at absurdly high rates.

Several employment options are emerging in these areas in the same spirit of progress. Even better, you do not need to own NFTs or to be a metaverse expert, NFT expert, blockchain expert, or even a defi expert, to succeed in these industries. So, what are some of the long-term job possibilities available? Here are eight careers to look into in 2022 and beyond.

Blockchain Software Developer

A Blockchain software developer creates web apps based on protocols given by web architects and blockchain core developers in the same way a web3 game developer creates web applications based on protocols supplied by web architects as well as the Blockchain Core Developers. Essentially, they build dApps on top of decentralized blockchain using current technologies. This is done through developing and implementing smart contracts on the Blockchain. Solidity and Substrate are two of the tools required for the job.

Metaverse Marketing Specialist

With the metaverse market predicted to hit $814.2 billion by 2028, businesses are already lining up to recruit a metaverse expert, which is quickly turning into one of the most in-demand positions in the metaverse. Businesses will be able to create full-scale thoughts and feelings (including games) which convey a story, enable users to engage with their product, and ultimately purchase the product without leaving the meta.

Blockchain Engineer

As a blockchain engineer, you’ll almost certainly be operating on Ethereum or Bitcoin, which are two of the world’s foremost blockchain networks. As part of their work, they develop and design blockchain applications, evaluate them, and use the technology to construct platforms or applications that benefit their organization.

Solidity Developer

A Solidity developer is just a blockchain developer that works on Ethereum-based systems utilizing smart contracts. Your present background determines the initial step towards becoming a Solidity developer. If you are totally new to the sector, you must first get software development experience. Fresh computer science professionals or those migrating from a comparable career may want to specialize in the blockchain.

UI & UX Designer

Blockchain products are designed in the same way as every other product. However, there is an issue. Since Blockchain is difficult for the typical individual to understand, you must apply the KISS method. Communicating with programmers is critical for bringing your product to market. It is necessary to provide a uniform experience for users throughout the procedure. That will eliminate any technological complexity obstacles.

Product Managers

Companies will require additional product managers to oversee the end-user experience, test and work out bugs in new products, evangelize new proposals, and drive research and development with numerous teams of technicians, designers, and domain experts, given the increase in metaverse users and expected demand for products and material. The frenzy has already begun. 

Almost 2,400 of the nearly 3,200 positions advertised on Meta’s employment website are for various product managers. Snap, Google, Oculus, and other businesses are looking for metaverse product managers. A product manager is a prominent public position with significant influence over a firm’s top and bottom lines. Unsurprisingly, experienced professionals are already some of the most highly prized individuals, with average earnings ranging from $123,365 to $176,000.

NFT Entrepreneurship

You may also take things one step further, particularly if you wish to join the large industry giants. If you like investing in prospects with guaranteed returns, you can make that a full-time profession in the NFT sector. However, this strategy may necessitate a substantial initial investment if you want to generate big money without stretching or overburdening your luck.

With enough money, you will buy quite as many NFT gaming gadgets as you like and rent them out to eager gamers for a price. These things can be borrowed using fiat money or specialized tokens, which can be cashed out. You could also allow people to switch their other NFTs with yours, particularly if their values are similar or if one is somewhat higher.

Aside from that, you could invest in grandiose but feasible NFT initiatives like markets, ecosystems, as well as Metaverse concepts. You may then sit back, relax, and enjoy your money increase. You can occasionally contribute to the project’s marketing initiatives by recommending them to your colleagues and social media followers.


Web 3.0, Blockchain, NFT, as well as Metaverse sectors are entering the mainstream, bringing with them a plethora of job prospects that will undoubtedly lower youth unemployment rates. Try your hand at any of the careers listed above and see where it leads you.


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