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With such a high ROI, it’s convenient to see why video has become the preferred weapon for marketers, sales representatives, and publishers across industries.

Organizations/businesses are considering corporate video hosting platforms designed to manage various use cases that can fit into their technology stack to optimize the video publishing workflow.

However, as with any other business initiative, we must approach it strategically if we hope to profit from video marketing. Visit to have your business video created by the experts.

This blog will discuss everything we need to know about corporate video hosting and why we should use it.

What are corporate video hosting platforms?

Corporate video hosting platforms are video hosting solutions that enable businesses to manage, securely store, and monetize massive amounts of audio/video content in the cloud. If required, these platforms can also share across a variety of platforms and devices via the internet.

Corporate video hosting platforms typically include various content management tools, video security features, and delivery and playback capabilities.

Further, these platforms also include specialized tools for internal training, marketing, sales, and lead generation to facilitate seamless corporate communication.

Why Should We Use Corporate Video Hosting Platform?

There are numerous advantages to corporate video hosting, ranging from employee engagement to marketing effectiveness.

Here are a few ways that using a corporate video hosting platform can help us save time while also improving the performance of our videos among employees & potential clients.

1.A fantastic viewer experience

We can use video hosting to present our videos professionally and credibly. It improves image clarity and includes a video player that allows the viewer to control the volume and fast forward, pause, and rewind the video as desired.

So, when we work with a professional corporate video hosting platform, we can relax. It does everything possible to ensure our videos are optimized for a great viewing experience.

2.Features Of video security

As corporations, we must deal with a large volume of intellectual data, so keeping content secure is critical.

Video protection  features such as firewalls, video encryption, DRM technology, dynamic watermarking, and IP and geographic restrictions are available on corporate video hosting platforms. These features protect all of our valuable content by providing advanced security measures.

3.Tools For encoding and transcoding

Corporate video hosting platforms use encoding and transcoding to compress and decompress our video into variable versions for smooth playback across various devices.


If we want to distribute our video to every corner of the globe, we need a multi-CDN feature offered by corporate video hosting platforms. It allows us to route our content to the most appropriate server closest to the user who requests it, resulting in lower delay time and faster delivery of your content.

5.HTML5 video player

Corporate video hosting necessitates using an online video player compatible with all devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and smart TVs, as device limitations limit our audience.

In this case, an HTML5 video player meets the above criteria because it is compatible and customizable with all devices and browsers.


We will require video and player APIs (Application Programming Interface) from our video hosting provider to customize our video hosting experience.

APIs are critical in corporate video hosting because they allow maximum customization when optimizing a video streaming platform’s workflow.

7.Increased productivity and efficiency

Corporate video hosting platforms handle all the heavy lifting, including time, money, and resources spent figuring out how to post our company videos effectively. This boosts productivity, and as a result, we can focus solely on expanding our business and nurturing client relationships.

Final Word

Choosing the best corporate video hosting platform varies depending on specific business needs and use-cases. However, we recommend creating a list of requirements for your video streaming goals to determine which features are most important to you.


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