Poker is a game where you play with money, so it’s no surprise rich people like to play it. Many celebs like to try their luck at the table. Are you looking to get in the same room as a celebrity? You might want to try the high-rollers club.

Here’s a list of celebrities who play poker and are good with cards.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly has looks that can kill, and a poker face to match. She seems to have a knck for drawing the winning hand. Her winnings total over $750,000. She’s also the only one who has taken home the World Series of Poker bracelet. She’s a shrewd player who takes out her rivals quickly.

Toby Maguire

You may remember him best from the recent reprise of his famous role in Spiderman: No Way Home, but Toby Mcguire easily finds himself at home in a casino. He’s played the game since 2004.

Shannon Elizabeth

This American Pie Actress came in third place at the 2007 NBC National Poker Championship. In 2006 she said in an interview that poker was her second job. However, she seems to have gone into retirement. She’s only played one game since 2010.

Ready To Win?

Do you have something in common with these celebrities? Do you have a talent for counting cards? Poker is more than just fun, you can win big bucks! 

Even if you don’t have a casino in your city, many online poker sites will let you play with real money. No more loud and smokey casinos, you can play from the comfort of your living room. 

So what are you waiting for? Your winnings await!


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