Cloud-based POS Software

These days retail businesses get crippled without the support of a point of sales software. If we consider repair businesses, all have one thing in common i-e the use of a POS as the computer repair shop software.

What is a POS Software anyway? It’s an operating system used by retailers to manage and track their sales, inventory, and customers. There are two types of POS:

  • Cloud-based POS software.
  • Desktop or Legacy POS software.

This goes without a doubt that choosing between a Cloud-based POS software and Desktop POS software is a difficult task. But fear not! We are presenting some valuable points that will help you make a better decision on the choice of your computer repair shop software.

What Is Cloud-based POS Software? Pros and Cons

Cloud-based is the new IN thing. It is an easily accessible, web-based software that uses the internet to store your data and information instead of a device. It is accessible all around the world if you have a stable internet connection.


Data Backup

If by any means you don’t have an internet connection and you need to make sales then the cloud gives you the option to save the data offline. Now you might be concerned about how to access it online. But that again is not your worry as the cloud POS software will automatically sync your data as soon as it’s online.

This feature comes in handy if you are running multiple sales channels.

Ease to Access Information

With the cloud-based POS software, it’s a piece of cake to acquire the information stored at multiple touch points, as it can be accessed everywhere even on your mobile devices.

Whether you are traveling, attending a meeting, or even stuck in traffic, you can easily manage your business regardless of your location with this kind of software. All you have to do is to download the application on your phone or tablet and you are good to go!


There is a fair chance that using a cloud-based POS system can ease your business handlings, giving you maximum time to focus on your business growth. Such systems are also scalable, and thus extremely desirable. They grow as your business grows.

This software is designed to adapt to your business providing you with different subscription options. You can add multiple stores, customers, and employees. The cloud-based system covers you without wasting your time, effort, and money.

Quick Updates

In cloud-based POS software, new updates are added constantly. They are installed automatically without you even having to track it. This way you won’t have to go through the pain of downloading it separately, managing a download on every system manually.

Since your inventory is synced, the software will update it simultaneously on every sale without the trouble of adding items manually.

No Hassle of Maintenance

Once you have opted for the cloud-based POS software, you are free from the fatigue of fixing bugs and troubleshooting. The responsibility of software maintenance rests at the end of the vendor. You just have to put in the inquiry, they will fix it on their end and most of them will provide solutions for the query 24/7.

Fast Processing Speed

A common issue faced by the computer repair store owner is the slow processing speed while handling tickets. Since cloud-based POS software is updated regularly it has an excellent processing speed. It generates your reports, tickets, invoicing, and billing in a split of a second, optimizing the whole process for you and your customers.


Compromised Security

A cloud-based repair shop POS software is prone to bugs like any other software, which can become a gateway for cyber attacks and hacking attempts. Despite security setups, they can be hacked and your data can be compromised. Whereas, desktop POS software is offline so there is no chance of security issues.

Monthly Payments

Although cloud-based type has its benefits, one could assume that it is a slow poison. You are bound to follow a monthly plan of payment. It could get quite costly if you calculate the expense and compare it with desktop POS software. In the case of the latter, there is only a one-time installation fee and no monthly payments (just maintenance costs once a year).

Internet Dependency

While using cloud-based POS software, you will need a fair connection to the internet all the time. This could get frustrating because there could be situations where the internet won’t be accessible and it can cause you to lose the connectivity which you need for your business. Whereas desktop POS software is internet-independent and simply stores all the data in the hard drive, within your system, where you can access it whenever you want.

What Is Desktop POS Software? Pros and Cons

Desktop POS software is a locally-installed software on your device. It simply stores data on your computer and cannot be accessed through the internet.


One-time Installation Cost

Desktop POS software requires only a one-time installation cost. Once installed it can be used however you want as it is specifically designed for your business and it becomes your asset.

Quick Response Time

There is no issue of internet connection or server going down. Since data is safely stored inside your own device system, you can access it whenever you want. In short, it is always up and running.

Strong Security

Desktop POS software is internet-free so there is no chance of compromised data or viruses which is a staple hazard when connected with the internet.


Unlike cloud-based POS software, this software is installed entirely on your system and is a business asset that can be customized according to your needs. You can add a set of features and functionalities without being dependent on the vendor because he is not supporting the server.


Limited Accessibility

Nowadays everyone wants everything on the tip of their fingers, the best example is the mobile phone. Desktop POS software lacks mobile optimization which is the major reason why most modern retailers do not prefer it. It can be used and accessed within a single location store, only.


Before choosing the software, ask yourself if it is equipped to meet all your business needs or not. What is your budget and how much will it cost you to make the most of this investment? Most importantly, will it support your future business growth (expansion)?
We’ve walked you through the merits and demerits of both systems. You must’ve obtained a clearer picture for choosing the right computer repair shop software. Find out what needs are non-negotiable for your computer repair shop business and you will ultimately find your best match.

Don’t forget to let us know what POS software you picked for your computer repair store.


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