Running a bakery can be a challenging job on a variety of fronts.

From keeping baked goods fresh to meeting a wide range of taste buds and more, you can have a lot to cover.

That said, how good would you say your bakery is tasting to your customers?

Pleasing Customers Leaves a Good Taste in Your Mouth

As you go about making your bakery the taste of the town and more, here are some areas to focus your attention on:

  • 1. Keeping things fresh – The last thing you want to hear from customers is your baked goods are not fresh. With that in mind, make sure freshness is always on your mind. This is especially true if you not only have your own bakery, but are supplying others with your goods. Whether your brand is the local bakery or you are wholesale bakers, be sure product quality is tops. You want customers telling family and friends about how good your baked goods are.
  • 2. Making sure prices are competitive – While you need to make money to make a go of it, keep pricing competitive. The last thing you want is to over-price items again and again. Doing so can lead many consumers to go elsewhere for their baked goods. Having a good sense of what your competition is charging for their bakery items is a good thing. This lets you know if your prices are competitive. You might even discover you have not been charging enough and need to increase prices to some degree. Also make it a point to provide discounts for some of your customer base. As an example, you can offer discounts to senior citizens. This can increase the volume of older customers you have. Also look at providing discounts to those with current or past military service. This is a good way to show your appreciation to them for serving their country.
  • 3. Surveying your customer base – Do you feel as if you have a good sense of what the majority of customers like? The best way to go about this is to talk to them. Of course in-person conversations are always the most direct way to do it. That said, you can also send them surveys online and more. If worried surveys will go unnoticed, provide folks incentive to respond to a survey. One way to do that is a discount on their next buy for taking a few minutes to answer survey questions.
  • 4. Keeping customers informed – Use your website, social media, a small biz app and more to inform your base. This can be about new baked products you will be unveiling and more topics of interest. Keeping customers in the loop will show you care. It will also make it easier for them to not miss out on all it is your operation has to offer.

With having a tasty bakery operation to call your own, you can be tasting success for many years to come.


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