When it is all about social media, there are indeed a lot of variations and differences in how channels prioritize your brands.

When it is all about social media, there are indeed a lot of variations and differences in how channels prioritize your brands. As per a survey, 500+ marketers during 2021 have said that B2B and B2C companies are leveraging Instagram more than Facebook, up to 65+ percent on average. Meanwhile, in 2022, it has grown like a rapid fire. 

Current Status

Around 60 percent of B2C firms and about 24+ percent of B2B firms use YouTube. The same counts for Twitter. Twitter is also a popular application among both B2B and B2C firms. Eventually, how does it even work if you get down to Instagram? Are the features efficient enough? Can you buy likes Instagram for better reach? Keep reading to get all these questions answered. 

Tactics and Trends: B2B

Leap Using Influencer Marketing

Now, how do influencer marketing and B2B firms operate? Plenty of B2B firms are reporting a very high ROI using influencer marketing. This is comparatively more for B2B firms than for B2C firms. Around 25+ percent of B2B marketers have said this is a great strategy to leap forward and get the best in 2022. The marketers from B2B are more beneficial than it does for B2C firms. The percentage ranges from 70% for B2B marketers and 5r1 percent for B2C marketers. Also, most of the budding marketers from B2B sectors are planning their strategies to gain great ROI from Instagram. 

Hashtags: Challenges and Trends

Research shows that both B2C and B2B firms are using Instagram hashtags and trends equally for future progress. They believe that the results are extraordinary using hashtags. Also, most marketers say the planned strategies have to be very smart to keep up with the results and conversions. Additionally, 95+ percent of B2B marketers continue to increase or bring up their investment in hashtags, challenges, and trends. 

Content: Authenticity and Insights

If a brand is asked to rank the best strategy on Instagram, most B2B firms show significantly less priority to educational content. The educational content in any form, including reels, engaging content, audience interaction theme, campaigns, etc., has to be very interesting. Yet, many marketers are still opting for educational content to build their ROI. It is because, by 2023, plenty of B2C brands will get to know the best way to use this strategy. BTS and authentic content are yet other role players of B2B brands. Firms use these types of content to make their plans work online. All this is due to their efficiency in driving traffic for the brands. 

Tactics and Trends: B2C

1. Focus on Customer support

The majority of B2C brands are using Instagram for client support. Want to know why? Keep reading to know the reasons.

  • Reason 1: The initial reason is its alignment with the business goals and objectives. Around 25+ percent of marketers have stated that enhancing customer support and retention has been their top priority using Instagram. It is said that this will continue in the future. 
  • Reason 2: The following reason is that the strategy is infinitely paying off. Around 44 percent of B2C marketers have said that using Instagram for customer support has offered them a great ROI; meanwhile, 50+ percent say the ROI is quite average. 

2. Shopping Tool

In 2022, B2C brands have focused more on promoting their goods and services. After getting to know this insight, it is clear that Instagram shopping tools are highly famous for B2C brands. Also, to operate with these goals and objectives, more than half of the B2C marketers have proved that it provides better ROI. Moreover, it is an excellent way of reaching goals with great customer support. Another fact is that not all B2C marketers follow this, whereas a few are still new to it. The primary reason the shopping tools need to be more famous in B2B is their revenue. It is said that they need to generate the expected sales and revenue. 

3. Brand Voice

A proper brand voice might lead to losing loyal followers and buyers. You can use Emberify to retain your fans a d also gain a better fanbase. Your firm would perform well in marketing only with a proper brand voice. So make sure to create content that is high in engagement. Additionally, many B2C marketers invest in Instagram to increase their brand voice more than B2B firms. Even though B2C and B2B marketers are opposite in their top goals, they use the platforms efficiently. 


Instagram is an excellent application for both B2B and B2C firms. However, it is the sole responsibility of the marketers to make the best use of it. Make sure to have your goals and objectives straight. Work on it consistently. Prioritizing your brand on Instagram is a smart way to make your firm sustainable. This sustainability will be the main factor of your success online. 

We hope you have some ideas now; please share your suggestion in the comment box. Thanks for reading! 


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