How Can One Prep a Press Release?
How Can One Prep a Press Release?

The news cycle consists of twenty-four (24) hours. It is where thousands of news blogs, daily newspapers, 24-hour TV stations, and other media outlets compete to satisfy our insatiable appetite for the most recent, interesting, and outrageous news. However, there is not a big news item every day; that is where press releases come in.

A press release is a brand story and a brief written summary that alerts the local media about your group’s news and activities. So how do you prepare a press release? To prepare a press release, you need access to a computer and an Internet connection. In addition, you have to draft your story and edit it until it reads like a great narrative for your company.

How To Prepare A Press Release

To prepare a press release, like Brander news distribution, the following steps include:

  • Have access to a computer. First, you need a computer like a PC or a laptop. Even the smallest TV and radio stations and almost all newspapers prefer to obtain content electronically. This makes it simple for them to edit. (You are forced to submit electronically if you are doing so to a website.) Begin writing your draft.
  • Make it read like a story. Secondly, you have to craft your article to make it read like a well-crafted article. The best press releases read like great article stories. They also leave emotional marks on the readers.
  • Follow the format. Press releases format a certain format. When you are producing press releases, it is very important to follow the format as it gives you more credibility and allows those who read and take an interest in your organization after you’ve published it to contact the organization immediately.

The press release template includes the following:

  • Contact information and ‘For Immediate Release’ at the top.
  • Title and italicized subheading to summarize the news.
  • News location and news peg in the opening line
  • Two to three paragraphs to add more context.
  • Bulleted facts and figures
  • Company description/about at the bottom.
  • Three-pound symbols (###) at the end to signal the end of the press release
  • Please send it to a public relations agency. Suppose you are lucky and can afford to hire an agency for press release seeding. In that case, you can send your press release directly to your agency contact. Your agency will then link up with different media outlets that target your ideal audience and publish your press release there. You can also have your press release published on your organization’s website and social media. If you need access to an agency, you can have your communications officers reach out to different media stakeholders.

Your Press Release

Your press release should fulfill the following requirements:

  • A dateline
  • Be relatively short. It should be two or three pages, max.
  • Attachments
  • Several full quotes
  • No using jargon or acronyms
  • Use active rather than passive verbs
  • If you have to include numbers or statistics in your article, type out numbers and percentages less than ten. Numbers or percentages above ten can be written as numerals.
  • When quoting someone you interviewed for your pres release, put the attribution – the name of the person talking – at the end of the quote.
  • Double-checked sources
  •  Be edited

Wrapping Up

Forgetting preconceived preconceptions about public relations and concentrating on producing extraordinary content is the key to keeping your PR strategy old school. However, traditional press releases can still be very beneficial when done effectively.

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Edwin Deponte is a motivational writer who is also passionate about anything digital and social media marketing-related. Lately, he has ventured into writing more about press releases and how they can help brands gain more exposure digitally. On his free days, he spends his time indulging in digital and social media marketing books.


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