One of the key factors influencing a company’s performance is technology. However, since everyone has some level of technological proficiency, it becomes essential that your top talent fulfils a set standard. Getting your employees certified in SAFe is one of the methods to establish your organization’s credibility as one that has a solid grasp of the SAFe methodology. People with backgrounds, such as those in software development, testing, project development, and business analysis, are ideal for this kind of specialized subject.

Pay Raise

Professionals with a SAFe agile Certification have a great opportunity of increasing their pay at their current job and/or future employment. The working professionals who are ascending the income ladder are those who have competence in advanced technology, just as most of the world’s newly wealthy entrepreneurs come from the technology sector. Leading organisations on the Fortune list have adopted the SAFe Agile Framework, and executives in the workforce can anticipate that having the certificate as proof of their talents will make it simple for them to demand higher compensation.

Bring in more customers

A company is only as good as its employees. Clients are aware of this and evaluate you depending on the characteristics of your staff. Technology training is valued across practically all industries. However, when a business sells itself to customers via websites, presentations, or brochures, what the business can provide the customer must be specified through the qualifications of its staff. Education made a significant difference to a company’s profile in prior decades. Having a particular number of SAFe-certified employees is important in this decade.

Develop products more effectively

The reach of products made in the digital world is enormous, and product creation is currently a very time-consuming process. Leading firms see product development as a cornerstone to organizational performance and devote their best resources to it. When Lean-Agile principles are used in such situations, there is a significant influence on the organization’s productivity and product development quality. In summary, a SAFe professional enhances the product development process, which enables him to have an impact on the performance of the firm.

Curriculum that is Accepted Worldwide

Courses that focus on developing specialized technical competence that would be widely recognized appeal to a lot of people who wish to upskill. SAFe Agile Framework has drawn organizations from all over the world, and the good news is that it offers a detailed, demanding curriculum. The SAFe agilist certification in Pune includes topics like Lean-Agile Leadership, Building Business Solutions, and Lean Systems, Release on Demand with DevOps, Implementing Lean Portfolio Management, Leading Transformation, and Introduction to SAFe Agile Framework. The participant’s orientation is changed in this intensive training to one that is needed for employability in key roles.


As the name implies, SAFe Agile Transformation is about technologies and talents that may change performance levels. Data and how we use it enable us to provide better customer service at a time when all interactions with clients are done online. The online course of SAFe Agile Framework aids in accelerating both the speed and the quality with which the client is provided by placing speed at the forefront of performance.


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