How Do Sidewalls Help to Keep You More Protected Under Custom Canopy Tents?

Adding a custom canopy to your outdoor day kit is always a great idea to keep yourself protected from the sun and other weather elements. If you have invested in a branded canopy, you already understand how reliable and useful they can be in protecting you, your guests and your belongings while giving you the freedom to let out your outdoorsy spirit. 

However, when planning a day under the open sky, it is also important to assess whether your outdoor canopy tent needs to protect you, not just from the top but also for the sides? After all, weather effects are ubiquitous and sheltering just your head does not guarantee 100% protection. Even the best pop-up canopy would need a bit of help from other accessories to protect you from all sides.

Adding side walls is a simple and elegant solution to this problem. It adds to the stability of your branded canopy structure while providing all-round protection. They are helpful in different ways under different seasonal conditions and can be added to any custom canopy, whether it is a portable lightweight model or a heavy-duty large-size canopy tent. Therefore, it is better to opt for branded canopies that feature sidewall attachment mechanisms as well as produce compatible sidewalls as accessories. 

Different Seasons Means Different Needs to Stay Protected Under Custom Canopies

Depending on the season, as well as the weather conditions specific to your location, you might require sidewalls for different reasons. Let us give you examples based on different weather conditions, where sidewalls can work wonders to keep your outdoor event or recreational escapade more protected.

1.  Sunny Weather –

If the weather forecasters on the news have predicted a sunny day with dry hot winds or high humidity, it is time to pack your sidewalls into your outdoor kit. You must also consider if you need to carry a fan or any other product for ventilation. 

2.  Windy Weather –

High winds, both hot and cold, can be harmful for the structural stability of even the best pop-up canopy tent. Under these circumstances, our advice is that you simply pack up your canopy and keep it and yourself safe in a place with a permanent shelter. 

However, sometimes the wind speed is neither too high nor too low. On such days, adding sidewalls to your branded canopies can safeguard you from unwanted things blowing your way and also your belongings blowing away from you.

3.  Rainy Weather –

Rain on a day of outdoor fun, doesn’t just damage things but also dampens our spirits. A single covering from the top is not enough to keep rain out. So, if you see the sky getting grayer it is better to add sidewalls to your custom canopy for added protection from rainfall.

4.  Chilly or Snowy Weather –

Well! This one is a no brainer. If a chilly wind is blowing or there is a possibility of snow, you should definitely pack sidewalls along with your heavy-duty pop-up canopy when heading outdoors. There is no fun in letting the cold get to you.

With the exception of those few days in the year which are just perfect to be outdoors, on most other days you will need to make special arrangements to keep yourself protected under your custom canopy. Sidewalls are a prerequisite if you intend to climate control your tent anyway, so why not make them a permanent addition to your outdoor kit and stay tension-free? Furthermore, you must also check if you will need to add a groundsheet to the custom canopy structure to pack it more properly.

Different Types of Sidewalls:

To Protect You Under Custom Canopies Both Big and Small

Now that you have a good idea as to why your branded canopy needs sidewalls, let us move on to the options available for you in the market. To this end, we have devised a list of different types of sidewalls that you can use –

1)      White or custom-printed full sidewalls

2)      Transparent full sidewalls

3)      Sidewalls with doors

4)      Sidewalls with rectangular or cathedral windows

Branded canopy manufacturers can provide sidewalls for all types of custom canopy tents. If you’re looking for a custom-size sidewall for a tent which is either larger or smaller than the standard available sizes, we recommend you speak to a manufacturer before making a purchase.

Sidewalls + Branded Canopies = Well Prepared:

To Conclude All Outdoor Events with Flair

If you are planning to purchase an outdoor canopy tent, then you must definitely look for sidewalls in the accessory sections of the brand favored by you, even if you don’t purchase them right away. It is preferable to know whether the brand provides the option to do so in the future. On the other hand, if you already own a branded canopy that you can’t wait to use when heading outdoors for the day, it is more appropriate to invest in sidewalls and keep them at hand for when the need arises.

Furthermore, it is also important that you do not forget to add adequate climate control mechanisms to keep the atmosphere conducive under the custom canopy tent. For most seasons, you will need ventilation and a cooling mechanism; while for winters you will need to make arrangements for proper heat. You can also look for advisory blogs on the brand websites to find out ways to climate control your tents in different seasons.

Irrespective of what you choose, however, the sidewalls will always help protect you no matter what the season.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get sidewalls for your custom canopy today! Be prepared for outdoor fun any day!


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