There are criminals everywhere. If they are not targeting your cybersecurity or trying to gain access to your personal information, they are attacking your personal belongings. You have to keep yourself and your loved ones, as well as your possessions, safe. 

There are some ways in which you can deter criminal activity in and around your property and therefore with a few simple tools keep all that is around you safe.

#1 Your home

There are various ways in which you can keep your home safe from criminals. The obvious one is having modern high security external doors and windows, but these will only work if you make sure that they are closed and locked when you leave your property. Placing security lighting such as motion-activated devices around the exterior of your home can also act as a deterrent, especially if this is backed up with CCTV

However, it is not just the external areas that need to be looked after. You have to also consider the internal areas of your home just in case any of your external measures are compromised. Personal safes located in hidden areas of the house are a good idea, but you should make sure that your valuables are not left out on display.

#2 Your business vehicle

If you have a business vehicle such as a van that you use for work, it is likely that it never gets stored in your garage. This could be because it just isn’t convenient, or more likely, it doesn’t fit. This means that your main tool for your business and your income is sitting on your drive or out on the road just waiting for a criminal to select the right time to make it a target. Of course, you can put stickers on it saying that no tools or valuables are left in it overnight, but that alone will not deter the average hands-on criminal from having a look. 

In fact, the only deterrent that you could have, other than a loud security alarm, is to make it harder for them to gain access. Installing the correct locks for instance, such as deadlocks for vans will not only act as a deterrent but will mean that any active thief will be trying to get into your vehicle for a longer period. This could cause them to give up and move on, or it could prove to be long enough that they are disturbed before gaining access.

#3 Your family vehicles

Your family vehicles will never be as safe as when they are securely locked in your garage especially if your garage has similar security measures to your home. Often vehicles are seen as an easy target, so it is important that you do not leave anything of any value to you in your vehicle. If this is not practical, then keep it hidden and out of sight. 

Most cars nowadays have hidden compartments within their interior. These are handy little pockets or nooks where items can be stored. However, do not get complacent, every vehicle of the same make and model as yours has the same hidey-hole areas so it is very likely that any criminal will know exactly where to look.


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