Remote Working Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has made remote work the rule rather than the exception for many workplaces. Work-from-home policies enable employees to carry out their tasks without exposing themselves to risk at the physical office. However, despite its many benefits, remote work brings along a whole set of challenges as well. Many employees feel like the lines between their personal and professional lives have become blurred in an unhealthy way. In addition, they may not have the resources or space to create a dedicated workstation that promotes productivity. 

Furthermore, while residential network connections like Cox internet have some great speeds, people may face internet issues as well. In most cases, multiple people are working from home, and children are also taking online classes. This strains regular internet connections and may prevent your employees from getting the best out of their networks. All of this demotivates workers, and you should do your best to uplift their WFH experience. There are numerous ways in which you can reward them and give them a boost.

WFH Equipment Budget

The biggest discrepancy between working from the office and from home is the work resources. You probably offer the best Columbus Ohio office furniture, computer systems, and internet connections possible in your office, complete with a full suite of apps and peripherals. 

This is extremely hard and expensive to replicate at home. You can make things easier for your employees by issuing them their devices for WFH and giving them a set WFH budget to set up their home workstations. Take into account desks, chairs, internet connections, and basic peripherals when you’re deciding this budget amount. 

Public Recognition

Your employees lose out on a lot of public interaction and appreciation opportunities when they’re working from home. In a conventional workplace, supervisors and leaders often praise their employees in person for a job well done. 

However, with everyone working remotely, this is not possible. You should bring back this motivational culture by publicly recognizing employee achievements on your internal and external communication channels. This will make them feel appreciated and motivate them to do even better, 

Skill Development Opportunities

As remote work cuts down on commute time and some work tasks, your employees may be interested in learning new skills. In fact, many people have used the COVID-19 lockdowns as an opportunity to develop new hobbies and revive old ones. 

You can use this trend to reward your employees and benefit your company at the same time. Have them take online skill development courses, and may partially or fully for them. This will also add to their professional credentials, so is an excellent reward. These courses double up as an opportunity to train employees for growth in the company and are ultimately beneficial for you as well. 

Virtual Gaming Sessions

Remote work leaves little chance for informal interaction between you and your employees. This can hinder open communication regarding official tasks, so you need to get everyone to be comfortable with each other. If you’ve hired people remotely during this time period, you’ll want to conduct ice-breaking activities with the rest of the team. 

Virtual gaming sessions are a great way to get people to talk with each other casually. Hold one of these on a monthly basis, so that your employees have something to look forward to while working. Online party games are quite inexpensive and are often free, so you have hundreds of fun options. 

Acts-of-Service Exchanges

These are a particularly good way to reward employees and encourage them to interact with each other. Everyone has a few tasks they hate to do, such as organizing email inboxes or setting up certain software memberships. 

Have an online event where employees can help each other out with these tasks on an exchange basis. This is also a great way to promote interdepartmental coordination and get your employees to put themselves in each other’s shoes. Furthermore, this will help employees boost their productivity, and communicate better with each other. 

Lunch Stipend

Many companies offer lunch vouchers or cafe facilities on-site. Your employees might feel like they’re missing out on this fairly common perk when they’re working from home.

You can alleviate this feeling by sending out a lunch stipend. This will make them feel appreciated and feel like you care for their happiness. 

Gifts on Special Occasions

When the holidays roll around, or someone has a birthday or other life event, you should send out gifts as a token of recognition and appreciation. Your gift can be something as simple as a box of cookies and a card. 

The point of this is to show your employees you appreciate their work and are interested in their well-being and personal happiness. Resultantly, they will feel quite motivated and will like working for you. 

To sum up, it’s quite easy to reward your remote work employees and give them a dose of encouragement. You just need to have the intention to do so, and you’ll find a variety of great reward methods.

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