Increase SEO Traffic 5 winning tips

Appearing in the first results of search engines is a bit like winning a big competition. A real consecration! Like all web entrepreneurs, you certainly dream of seeing your site at the top of the Google results pageAre you wondering how it is possible to improve the natural referencing of your site? I suggest you immediately discover 5 tips, to please Google and search engines in order to increase your SEO traffic.

1) Disseminate relevant and reliable content

Internet users who use a search engine want to get the answer to their question. Google must therefore find, among all the articles published on the web, the one that best responds to the request made. He then embarked on a meticulous analysis of all the content. If he finds what he is looking for on your site, bingo, he offers it in his results.

So it’s simple, to increase your organic traffic, the first trick is to produce and distribute information likely to interest Internet users (and therefore search engines). To do this, you must imagine the questions typed on Google and offer an appropriate and personal answer. That means:

  • identify key queries (those that get little or no response today);
  • write articles capable of arousing interest;
  • provide original information (avoid “duplicate content” at all costs);
  • Refer to reliable sources and incorporate external links to bring credit to your site.

You don’t know how to do it or you don’t have time? Get help from an SEO web editor. This writing professional will know how to select the best queries for your site. He can then offer you content that makes sense and that appeals to search engines.

2) Structure and optimize your articles

To understand the organization and meaning of your article, Google must find the elements that allow it to find its bearings. These are the main HTML tags. These tags are codes that Google loves! They allow it to analyze your contentBy placing the tags correctly, you show him that your article is structured: title, subtitles, paragraphs, bold text or even links. If it does not find tags, Google goes its way!

In addition to the structure of your text, it is also important to work on its semantic field and to place relevant keywords. Until a while ago, repeating a single keyword was enough to move up in search engine results and increase SEO traffic. Since Google’s Panda update, articles have to be richer if they don’t want to be penalized. And yes, the algorithm judges the added value of your content before offering it in its results.

In summary, working on your ghostwriter in a professional way by placing, here and there, the key indications for search engines is essential today for good referencing.

3) Take care of the user experience (UX)

Google is always more demanding. Today, to convince him, inserting HTML tags, keywords and working on his semantic field is good, but it is no longer enough. The user experience (UX) is also becoming preponderant. Thus, your articles must be pleasant to read, your images relevant and you must facilitate navigation on your site.

Here are some simple rules to offer a smooth reading to your visitors:

  • structure the texts (we talked about this in detail above);
  • pay attention to spelling, syntax and typography ;
  • avoid changing fonts too often and limit line breaks;
  • Choose your images well.

If he feels good on your site, the reader will not want to leave, he will stay longer and, for the algorithm, it is a guarantee of value.

In order to retain your visitor as long as possible, you can also offer links to other published articles. This is called “internal linking”. Creating a blog, for example, is a good solution. In addition to confirming your expertise to your customers, the blog can lower the bounce rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave a site after viewing a single page. The lower this rate, the more the search engine considers that your pages are interesting for the Internet user. By offering more content to your visitors, you increase your chances of converting them into customers and you will thus be able to improve the SEO of the site. it’s won!

4) Control your reputation on the web

You now know how to be visible to search engines and what to do to show them that your articles are reliable and pleasant to read. You also need to show them that your site has a good reputation. Indeed, to increase the number of visitors, it is important to set up a global strategy on the web.

To prove to Google that you have a good reputation on the web, you can work on your backlinks. Backlinks are external links that point to your site. Attention, an update of Google makes it possible to measure their quality! It is therefore necessary to obtain one or more backlinks from sites recognized by Google: popular sites (which benefit from good traffic), official sites or sites which arrive at the top of the Google results page. A good way to get these backlinks is to submit “guest” articles on sites that are interesting to you. A “guest” article is an article that you write on another site. All you have to do is add a link to your site. And presto, voila!

At the same time, it is also very useful to develop your presence on social networks. These occupy an increasingly important place on the web and we see that the use of social networks improves referencing by search engines.

5) Monitor other factors to increase SEO traffic

I do not develop, in this article, the questions related to the technical configuration of your site. However, here are some points to watch out for not being penalized:

  • limit ads and pop-ups that can impact UX and the famous bounce rate;
  • control the loading speed of your pages which must be displayed quickly;
  • watch for any broken links ;
  • Share your thoughts on The Tiny Tech.
  • Provide a mobile version of your site so that it is responsive.

As I have just shown you quickly, many factors must be taken into account to increase your SEO traffic. Don’t have time to deal with all that? Don’t worry, entrust the writing of your content to an SEO web editor. He will know how to prepare content for you with little onions: relevant, optimized and unique. It will help you become essential in the eyes of search engines. Convinced? offers you different profiles of professional web editors. 2 possibilities are available to you:


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