As many people know a watch is an astonishing accessory because it can not only add value to your style but also demonstrate a high level of sophistication. The best luxury watches are built using the finest materials and craftsmanship and Tufina is part of them. Tufina watches aren’t simple timepieces, they bring status and success to whoever wears them. Tufina is famous for its precision and accuracy.

Its watches are thoroughly crafted so they can function impeccably under any circumstance. Whether you are hiking Mount Korab or diving to the depths of the Ionian and Adriatic, a Tufina watch will perform impeccably. But the questions still stand: Is Tufina a luxury watch? Why are they becoming so popular?To answer the first question: Yes, Tufina watches are luxury watches. To get an answer to the second question we are giving you 5 of the greatest Tufina’s creations and we are sure you are going to be able to answer the question yourself after reading.


Rio Theorema might be one of the most authentic and close-to-perfection timepieces created by Tufina. No wonder it is the most loved watch and with the most dedicated fans. Rio Theorema has been one of the milestone watches for years now, and it continues to be so even in recent days. Despite its mellow designs, it remains an absorbing high-end timepiece. Its see-through dial makes it different from the other timepieces. Made in Germany, Rio Theorema is the perfect mixture between classic and modern. Its 44 mm stainless steel case on- you choose- either a stainless-steel bracelet or authentic leather straps gives this watch the masculine touch and style.


Exclusively made for those looking for tradition, workmanship, and intricacy, Copenhagen remains favorable among all watches. A huge contribution to this fact is the open-heart design in the skeleton dial with dual-time and moon and sun-phase inputs. Copenhagen is a reflection of German mastery, modern yet classic, an all-purpose yet elegant look. With its automatic skeleton with 22 jewels movement and its genuine cow leather band, it’s undoubtedly that everybody would love a Copenhagen timepiece. If you already have one, we don’t have to talk much, because you know the drill. If not, what are you waiting for? Become a part of it now.

Marco Polo

Made in Germany Marco Polo Theorema has everything you would like for in a watch. Stainless steel case? Check. Automatic movement? Check. Genuine cow leather band? Check. And if these aren’t enough let us tell you that its dimension is 44 mm, it is sapphire coated, its movement includes 35 jewels and it has a buckle! Want to hear about the cherry on top? Marco Polo has a full calendar feature and its numerals are in both Arabic and Roman. Need we add more? We don’t think so, but to close it up let us tell you that the Marco Polo collection is a flawless mix between traditional look and valuable function. It is a timepiece made to stand out, a magnet for compliments and curious looks.

New York

If you are a fan of breathtaking cases and solid elegant looks, New York might be the right option for you. The Made in Germany New York Pionier has a stainless steel gold case that screams status and sophistication. Its movement is automatic and contains 20 jewels. Not to mention it is sapphire coated and has a perfectly genuine cow leather band. Years after first being presented to the public, the New York timepiece continues to epitomize the character and heart of German-made timepieces. To build something that has a long endurance, strenuous attention is a must. That is the reason why Tufina craftsmen continue using the same technique and commitment to offer you a versatile and edgy high-end watch.


The London Pionier collection was created to offer you the chance of getting that classical-looking watch mixed with a little bit of modernity and contemporaneity. A premium quality watch made following the German standard of quality and precision, London Pionier also known as London Diamonds, is a timeless luxurious mechanism that includes an amazing design, a stainless steel gold case, and a genuine cow leather band. To make it even better, the watch has a butterfly buckle to tie it all up. The Made-in-Germany London Pionier has the main aim of attracting new people alongside the German brand. A watch that combines class, elegance, and innovativeness, this timepiece stands as a sturdy choice for anyone who wants a little bit of luxury in their life.


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