Do you want to apply for NISS and be a full-fledged member of the Portuguese social security system? You have a chance to do this without any hardships at all! Take a look at the article suggested here, and this process will be as painless as possible.

The Essence of NISS and Why It Is a Brilliant Idea to Apply for It

NISS Portugal is a social security number that is issued by the Portuguese authorities. It can only be given to you in case you have a job in this country. 

Well, you’d better hurry with getting NISS as long as it will provide you with plenty of nice opportunities. Here are some of them:

  • Getting social payments that are going to be linked to sickness, birth, and adoption;
  • Receiving help in case you experience an accident that happens in your workplace;
  • Obtaining assistance that turns out to be necessary when you come across a disability, etc.

There are some other situations too. So, do not postpone such an important matter as receiving your NISS number. And, by the way, it is not as hard as you might think it to be!

What Documents Must Be Ready So as to Make Getting NISS Possible?

Do not worry. There are just two docs that are vital for the process. It is your passport and NIF which is a tax number also issued by the authorities of Portugal.

So, as soon as you have it, simply scan this (it may turn out to be necessary) and let it stay for a while. You need to determine how exactly you will apply for NISS.

You may either go to the Social Security Department (think of when it will be convenient for you to arrange this visit) or stick to the expert assistance of a certain provider or an intermediary. The first option requires some time and the intention to interact with the employees of the department and be fully involved in the process. However, you have the freedom to select an option that is simpler and is linked to less effort. It is online help. It will be considered below.

The Help of Online Experts: Why Is It Great?

You save your time, and this is the number one reason that seems to be attractive to clients. Second, it is all about the economy of effort which is a priceless resource. You are not actually doing anything. Your key task is to present the documents that are required from you and pay a fee that was stated on the site of the provider.

Furthermore, if you order the assistance of experts, you will be confident about the final result. What does this mean? You will have NISS which is absolutely legal and will present you with all the advantages you were dreaming about.

So, this is why online is great. It is a convenient remote way to get your NISS quickly and without any problems.

The Process of Receiving NISS Online: the Basics 

First, it is important to decide what intermediary you will be working with. Their number keeps growing but not all of them can provide you with qualitative and relatively fast services. And certainly, these are the key parameters that interest the majority of clients.

So, it is time to think about the criteria that will determine the professionalism of a certain provider. Here are some of them:

  • Politeness. The intermediary or a representative of the company should never be rude to you or respond in an aggressive way;
  • Readiness to clarify the aspect that worries a potential client. No matter what the issue is, it is very important.
  • Price. It should be neither too crazy nor too low. Something in between is just perfect. But so as to know what this medium means, it is a good idea to stick to research.
  • The estimated time. You should know how long your NISS will be getting ready. At least, it is great to have approximate figures. But at the same time, it must be clear that delays can take place too.

Basically, this is it. Try to keep this in mind for the sake of a more effective search for the provider.

After you have decided who to interact with, the actual process of requesting NISS takes place. And, it is the most serious and significant part of the whole undertaking! This is what normally happens at this stage.

  1. You enter the page of the official site of the provider that is devoted to getting NISS. There, you see the list of documents that must be presented. Get them ready asap if you want to receive your NISS faster.
  2. As soon as you are done, it is time to download this to the website. It takes just a few minutes because there is nothing difficult in it. But if you see any kind of error, do not hesitate to contact the provider by entering the Contacts section (ideally, it must be suggested on every site where you can receive this kind of services). Your matter must be clarified and you will learn what to do in such a case.
  3. As long as this task is finished, pay a fee. Without this, the process will be considered incomplete.

This is it! All you should get ready for right now is patient waiting. Your NISS will be ready relatively soon.

You may come across some different requirements depending on the provider you intend to work with. But if he is reliable, it will be more or less the same as was stated above. So, anyway, you have the right to wonder about the stuff that is not clear to you. This refers basically to everything starting from the list of documents and ending with the payments. By the way, you may wonder about a certain payment option if such a matter interests you.

Break a leg in getting NISS and hope it will go smoothly!


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