Passive Vaping, Is It As Harmful As Passive Smoking
Passive Vaping, Is It As Harmful As Passive Smoking

Public Health England states disposable vape kits are 95 per cent less harmful than conventional tobacco cigarettes.

Vapes are a relatively new addition, and many people still vary about their true potential and are inflamed with controversy. Only a few years ago (2019), more than 25 per cent of people in the UK believed that disposable vapes are just as harmful as smoking, which dramatically rose compared to only 7 per cent in 2013.

Vape Kits Evidence and Benefits

However, public concerns do not draw a parallel with the evidence and proven benefits of vaping. Below is a comprehensive guide and an overview for a better understanding of passive vaping.

This blog post aims to reduce the unwarranted fear of secondhand vaping while also introducing a few practices of vaping politeness.

Passive Vaping

Passive vaping, or secondhand vaping, is inhaling vapour produced from a disposable vape or an E-cigarette that is exhaled by a nearby person. This activity is referred to as passive or secondhand vaping, as the vapour does not come directly from the vape itself, as it gets inhaled by the person using the device.

Smoke or Vapour What do E-Cigarettes Produce?

Most misconceptions regarding the passive effects of the vaping stem from the disturbing data on secondhand smoke inhalation from cigarettes. However, cigarettes and vapes are entirely different. When a person smokes a cigarette, the tobacco inside it burns, producing poisonous smoke with tar and carbon monoxide. While in the case of vapes, these do not have tobacco, nor do they burn any of the elements; thus, these devices do not produce any smoke or any dangerous chemical associated with smoking. geekvape obelisk u pod kit and Aspire Gotek S Pod Kit are new products in the market. vapours community is very exicted about these products.

Vapes heat up E-liquids to produce flavourful vapours.

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Vape E-Liquid

E-liquid or vape juice is a fluid that has flavours, a customizable amount of nicotine, and vegetable glycerin in addition to propylene glycol. These produce a vapour that contains hardly any substance, and in the case of secondhand vapour, these only have a minuscule fraction of these elements.  

Second-Hand Vaping

Granted that vapour produced from vape kits does not have carbon monoxide or tar, which are the most dangerous chemicals in cigarettes; still, some people worry about passive vaping and the possibility of it causing nicotine-related illnesses.

Nic salt is relatively harmless but rather addictive; thus, some people still prefer to avoid passive vaping altogether. That being said, the UK Science and Technology Committee states that it is quite challenging even to gauge the risks of passive vaping as it is almost negligible and substantially lesser than conventional cigarettes.

What is third-hand exposure?

When vapour from the devices is exhaled, the aerosol constituents do not go into the air and, in theory, settle on some surfaces. This is termed third-hand smoke or aerosol.

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Ending Words

While secondhand vaping seems like a huge deal, its effects are minor. Even the person vaping is not at the increased risk of getting nicotine-related illnesses (as per studies); thus, chances of getting these illnesses from secondhand vaping are second to none.

Evidence shows that vape kits are a safer option in comparison to cigarettes.


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