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The story of his love, Punished, is the name of a story that was written by Suzie. It has 520 chapters and can be read in 20 hours. It’s a fantastic romance novel that deals with discontent and violence, as well as misery, tension and hatred. The book has a score of 9.1 from 10,554 review and 249k page views on Goodnovel’s website. The book isn’t printed on paper, but it is available on a variety of sites for reading online. It is an outstanding romance novel that is loved by millions of readers all over the world.

The characters in the novel

Sebastian Ford: The primary male dominant role of a male dominant (also known as master Ford)

Sabrina Scott: The primary female character.

Selene Lynn Affirmed granddaughter of Jade Lincoln; cousin-sister of Sabrina

Lincoln Lynn: Mother of Selene Lynn and aunt of Sabrina.

Jade Lynn: Father of Selene Lynn Aunt of Sabrina.

Kingston The personal security guard of Master Ford.

Master Nigel

Master Mindy Cousins of Master Ford.

Master Shaw

Master Zack

The novel is filled with many characters, however they don’t have a significant role in the story.

Synopsis Sabrina Scott, aka Ms Ford is a woman who is in a state of destitution and who was at the fate of the people around her. They forced her to become the victim and exchanged her as well as her body for a night, which led to her becoming pregnant. They made her trade herself, as they had promised her that they could be a way to save her mother. After that, she was taken to prison for attempted murder.

It was at this point that she met her aunt-Grace and she was able to look after the health of the elderly lady. The master Sebastian Ford, the dominant male persona, was the best skilled and unmarried man, with immense wealth and influence. But, he was convinced that she was the symbol of evil, stained with the deceit and greed. The aunt of Master Ford was very fond of the girl who was 20 years old. Sabrina often called Aunt Grace.

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After all kinds of drama and drama, of Selena acting as the good girl Sabrina and carrying the baby of Master Ford’s in her stomach she was deceived by Master Ford and everyone else. When Sabrina was able to realize she was not Sebastian was the man who was in the room that night and that his child had was able to impregnate her, she tried to tell him the truth, and tried to break up the union to Sebastian Selene and Sebastian. Selene.

But she couldn’t make him feel comfortable, so she walked away from his side with Zayn who was a fan but did not reveal his feelings towards her. In the end we are given an insight into five years later. Sabrina had a son called Aino Scott. She has a wild and powerful personality.

Sebastian, Selene and Sabrina have met because of a disagreement at school, where Sebastian’s niece was fighting with Aino. Sebastian agrees with Sabrina regarding Aino as their child. There is lots of drama to be seen and over. At the end of the day she asked “I left our marriage with nothing, so why won’t you let me go?” In a smug way, he responded, “You’ve stolen my heart and given birth to my child, and you wish to escape from me?”


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