When it comes to plumbing, you want the absolute best like Vancouver plumbing – which is why you should always ensure that the plumber you’re hiring is licensed and insured. However, you must know a few risks of hiring an unlicensed plumber. We have outlined these risks in this blog to assist you in making an informed hiring decision. Using this information, you can avoid potential plumbing problems and get your home back up and running as quickly as possible! 

What Are The Risks Of Employing An Unlicensed Plumber?

Hiring an unlicensed plumber can be risky, leading to severe accidents that could damage your home and possessions. Hence, it’s imperative to meticulously research potential plumbers in Oakland to alleviate further problems. Some risks of hiring an unlicensed plumber include not being insured, lack of proper tools or equipment, and don’t know how to execute the work effectively.

  • Using Unsafe Plumbing Practices: 

An unlicensed plumber may be using unsafe plumbing practices. Plumbers are trained to use the best practices for their craft, and plumbing companies follow the same guidelines while working in your house. If you’re hiring an unlicensed plumber, there’s no guarantee that they’ve been correctly trained or know how to use good quality equipment. Employing an unlicensed plumber may cost you a lot of money or cause a problem with your plumbing system resulting from improper craftsmanship. 

  • Lack Of Knowledge And Experience To Resolve The Issue: 

If you’re looking for a plumber, they must have the proper training and education. An unlicensed plumber might not have the knowledge and experience to fix your problem accurately. They may also lack the correct tools necessary for fixing your problem, or they might do so incorrectly. 

  • They Might Put Your Home In Danger: 

Hiring an unlicensed plumber puts your home in danger of flooding due to poor craftsmanship.

Unlicensed plumbers may not have undergone plumbing installation lessons, which include:

  • Knowledge of local codes and regulations regarding plumbing systems.
  • Understanding the basics of establishing and maintaining pipes, drains, faucets, and toilets.
  • You Could End Up Paying A Considerable Amount:

An unlicensed plumber may put your finances at risk if they make a mistake while working on your home, making you accountable for the expense. It’s because contractors are not required to have liability insurance when working in your home. You could also be liable for the cost of any damage done by the unlicensed contractor if they cause an accident while performing work on your property. Hence, before hiring a plumber, whether Oakland drain cleaning or general plumbing inspection, ensure they are licensed and insured.

  • Zero Warranty For The Work They Do For You:

The unlicensed plumber never stands behind their work. It means that if you have a problem with your plumbing caused by the plumber’s incompetence, he won’t take responsibility for fixing it. It could also mean that the damage could get worse before it gets better, causing you to pay for expensive repairs from a licensed professional!

Finally, remember that if someone knows little about plumbing but advertises themselves as an expert in their field, like “we specialize in leaking faucets,” there are several red flags associated with this type of advertising.

Hire A Licensed Plumber!

Hiring an unlicensed plumber is never a good idea, especially when numerous licensed professionals are available for hire. To use the services of a professional plumber, do your research and ensure they are licensed by their state or county.

The best way to determine if your prospective plumber is licensed is by asking them directly: “Do you have any certifications or degrees?” If they say yes, ask for proof of licensure; otherwise, walk away immediately!


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