People’s entertainment needs are becoming more and more diverse, especially the demand for online games. Today, every player wants to be able to earn real money through the games they participate in, so it will be difficult for game providers to reach players if they only create games for general entertainment purposes. Therefore, the games that meet the needs of the player’s increased budget, those games will become popular and famous, among them are Aviator, Axie Infinity, Plant vs Undead, etc. In this article, let’s take a look at some games that help players earn more and find out why they are so popular.

Axie Infinity

Perhaps Axie Infinity is the game that receives the most hits and downloads today. This game has only been released to the public for 4 years but has quickly attracted millions of loyal players thanks to the feature that helps players earn real money. Axie Infinity owns extremely eye-catching and cute images and graphics, the characters in the game are small monsters with different features. The way to play this game is not too different from the Pokemon game, the player’s task is very simple, they just need to nurture the monsters so they can fight each other, or combine them into stronger monsters to create a kingdom of its own. The game by software provider Sky Mavis uses the Ethereum cryptocurrency, players can trade the monsters they have for cryptocurrency. Then get real money from the sale of the item back to their payment account.


Unlike other money-making games, Aviator does not focus too much on its interface and image, Aviator has a dominant black background and the only highlight of this game is the red plane. However, the simplicity of Aviator makes players feel new and exciting. This game allows players to earn extra income through betting. For example, if you bet 5$, you can easily have a chance to get 5000$. Depending on how fast the plane takes off, players can win more money than they expected, not only that, the coefficients of this game are operated by a random number generator that guarantees players are playing in a fair environment.

Plants vs Undead

This game also has quite gentle and simple gameplay like Axie Infinity. The player’s task is to look after, watch over and raise the items on their own cover. These items will produce a currency called Light Energy. Just taking care, planting items every day, and performing simple tasks, players can collect a lot of Light Energy. They can then convert them to cryptocurrency. Depending on the volatility of this cryptocurrency, players will withdraw them to the payment account and earn additional income for themselves.

Currently, the trend of play2earn is no stranger to any player, not only that, with the strong development of cryptocurrencies, in the future, there will appear to be more and more games using cryptocurrencies. Players will be able to freely choose the games they love according to their needs and preferences.


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