The Right Way to Invest in the Share Market

The popularity of stock market investing has grown steadily over the past two decades. Market fluctuations have always been a matter of concern. Portfolios get affected owing to these fluctuations. Beginners intending to participate in the stock market must know about such kinds of market fluctuations and how they impact portfolios. There is a chance of losing if you don’t follow the strategy. This article will help you understand how you must invest in the share market correctly. 

The stock market is a marketplace that includes exchanges, companies, and investors. It will allow you to buy and sell securities like Equities, Derivatives, Bonds, Mutual funds, etc. In general, many stock exchanges offer the facility of transactions along with listing various assets in the stock market. 

Governing authorities like the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). SEBI manages and monitors the stock market functions. It is essential to understand the functions of the stock market. 

The stock market acts as a money-earning platform, and people with good knowledge about stock movements can earn profitable returns. If you are willing to learn how the stock market works and how to invest in it, then you must follow these tips. 

Understand Your Requirements for Investments 

It is essential to understand the needs and limitations before you place an order on the stock market. When you go through the requirements, it is also a must to consider the current and future needs. 

You must follow the same rule when you want to understand their limitations. 

To get investible in overabundance, it is compulsory to list their incomes and debit all their expenses & debt obligations. Risk aversion helps you to understand the strategy of share market investments. Individuals who don’t prefer higher risks must choose fixed deposits and bonds.

A lot of investors avoid tax liabilities while investing.

Execute Trades Without Any Worry 

It is up to you whether you would like to go with offline or online mode to execute trade orders. It is possible to place orders via calls. If you want to go with the offline method, you will have to call your stockbroker. You can avoid errors by ensuring that your stockbroker understands what you said. 

Monitor the Investment Portfolio

It is always essential to check out the investment portfolio regularly. The stock exchange has a dynamic nature as there are constantly changing conditions. Regular tracking helps you understand exit and entry points at the right time. You must research the companies in which you have your interest. 

You can reduce the risk of losses during any worst condition. You must not decide on the ups and downs of every price. All you need to have is patience to profit during a low market. 

Decide on the Investment Strategy

Once you know about your personal capacity for investments, it is essential to analyze the stock market scenario to build a proper investment strategy. You must understand stocks as per your needs and requirements. Suppose, when an investor is willing to have an additional source of income, then they can choose to invest in dividend-paying stocks. Investors would like to have capital growth; they can include growth stocks in an accurate strategy. 

Choose the Right Time to Enter 

It is really important to decide when you should enter the market. The general rule of thumb states that you must enter during the low market. You can increase the potential profits by investing in identified stocks at the lowest price level. In contrast, you can profit by opting out of the position with the highest price. Therefore, you must always plan the right time to enter and exit the share market investment. The stock market has a high risk; therefore, you must take precautions in advance. 

You must conduct a fundamental and technical analysis to get the best time to enter the market. It is all up to you which option you would like to go with. During stock selection, you must shift your focus from particular stock performance to looking for cues from general economic performance & macroeconomic factors. It may lead to impacting share performance. According to the thumb rule, you must enter the trend direction. 

According to the most successful investors, here are the following four factors to identify the right entry point. 

  • P/E ratio
  • P/B ratio
  • Dividend Yield of NIFTY
  • FII activity 


In terms of stock market investments, you must always consider certain key considerations. These include understanding your investment requirements, deciding on the investment strategy, and so on. Still finding it difficult for financial freedom, invest in share market with Share India, one of India’s leading stockbroking firms with over two decades of experience. Share India’s expert traders to help you avail of stock recommendation services. 


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