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Do you love to wear beautiful earrings? If you are a woman, surely you would have that love. Indian girls are especially born beautiful, and they will get other beauty when they wear stunning earrings with traditional outfits. You can find endless collections of earrings from India, and when you wear the perfect pair of earrings, you will easily attain the film star style. You need to be like the gorgeous angel on the earth when you are the bride. The overall look of the bridal will get completed when you wear the right earrings design, and the types of earrings designs to wear with Indian traditional bridal wear are listed here:


Among the different types of earrings, these traditional Chandbali style earrings had to be a favourite for many. For many years, they were the royal standard, popularized by the nizams of Hyderabad. And guess what? By owning them, you could also become a member of the royal family. They are a must-have if you want to go for a big, bold look on your wedding day. Wear a heavy necklace with a heavily embroidered lehenga to achieve a more blended look. Jewellers and designers would craft this earring in many variations, and every piece looks great.


Have you ever tried the latkans? Choose a pair of lovely latkans if you don’t want to go overboard with your look and want to keep it casual, simple, and yet elegant. They complement all types of Indian outfits, from sarees to ghagra cholis. If you wear latkans with a fusion gown, go for the sleek ones with only plain chains. For Indian women, the latkan earrings are perfect bridal wear when their first preference is simple and stylish. Each jewellery in India has some uniqueness and provides a stunning look differently than your favourite one.


The next one is dangles in the list, and it is famous among the people. Dangler earrings are versatile accessories that look good with ethnic sarees, formal ladies’ suits, and bridal lehengas. Combining dangler earrings with necklaces, earrings, and finger rings creates a balanced look. Glitter, danglers, and drops are essential for a modern look. The more wedding day accessories you wear, the better. You can get these earrings in various sizes and lengths, and both single-stringed and multi-stringed are available. 


If you are an Indian woman, then surely at least a single pair of jhumka earrings will occur in your collection. Jhumkas can be found everywhere, whether it’s a Bollywood dance number, a photoshoot, or a family event. Even though there are many different colours of jhumkas on the market these days, gold-based jhumkas always look the best. They look even better with the pearls dangling from the bottom. Indian jhumka earrings are a great choice for your bridal look where they will make a bold statement at the wedding event.  

Chandelier Earrings 

The final type of earrings designed to wear with Indian traditional bridal wear is Chandelier earrings. They were once hung from the ceiling, and they are now swinging out of your ears. Chandelier earrings, which are very popular right now, add flirtatious sparkle to any outfit, from distressed jeans to Debs dresses, from boho looks to dressier bridal looks. You can go for this earring when you have no problem wearing long earrings that prickle your shoulders. Some say they are the most seductive type of jewellery because they mimic the movement of the head catching the light.

Final verdict:

Love for earrings for women will never fade away, and these are the lists of types of earrings to wear with traditional bridal wear. Choose the right one that suits you and get a graceful look.


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