Understanding Of Hair Analysis For Your Health

Analyzing hair is a very effective way to monitor levels of harmful metals like lead and mercury as well as the mineral balance in the body. It entails burning a hair sample and utilizing spectro-photometry to examine the ash.

It is impossible to overstate how important this surgery is to people who suffer from various allergies. Clinical ecologists have discovered that addressing underlying toxicities and inadequacies has a significant positive impact on immune system potency and health.

People frequently experience mineral toxicity and deficiency. It is a typical illustration of how our modern food sources fall short of effectively supplying the body with the necessary mineral minerals. Keep in mind that the body is essentially a chemical factory. It simply can’t produce the required chemical reactions for proper operation without the essential ingredients.

Examples Of Mineral Toxicity

By analyzing hair samples, it is possible to determine specific mineral toxicity cases, such as:

  • Arsenic And Mercury

Arsenic and mercury are contaminants that can be found in tinned tuna and other foods, as well as a variety of industrial sources. Increased blood levels of these metals contribute to toxic overload and all of its associated issues. This is a typical circumstance.

  • Lead 

Elevated lead levels are another widespread issue that is particularly detrimental to the nervous system and suppresses the immune system.

  • Copper

A common cause of elevated copper levels includes the contraceptive pill, as well as intrauterine devices, copper water pipes, etc. The most crucial mineral, zinc, is typically low or not being utilized adequately when copper levels rise. Supplemental vitamin C helps the body absorb more copper.

Examples Of Mineral Deficiency 

Mineral deficiencies include, for instance:

  • Chromium 

A decrease in this mineral’s concentration suggests an issue with how carbs are handled. As we’ve seen, a significant contributor to food allergies is carbohydrate intolerance. Many people struggle with this issue in silence.

  • Zinc 

About 150 distinct enzymatic systems in the body depend on this mineral. For a variety of reasons, zinc insufficiency can’t be accurately diagnosed via hair analysis. But, suffice it to say that the majority of modern diets don’t even come close to meeting the bare minimum. 

A daily zinc supplement should be taken routinely because ecological sickness results in deficits regardless of the damage to the gut and malabsorption. One of the most essential elements for human health is zinc, and the immune system must have an adequate quantity of zinc to function properly.

  • Selenium 

This mineral is very significant and occasionally underappreciated. It is crucial for maintaining healthy pancreas function, which is essential for treating allergic sickness. Selenium levels are always low in cancerous situations. Supplements should be used along with daily vitamin E doses.

The Final Thoughts: 

These are a few instances of how valuable hair analysis is. Evaluation of mineral levels and toxicity is a useful indicator of how well the body is functioning. Mineral deficiency is a certain sign of malabsorption and chemical and/or dietary intolerance. High concentrations of hazardous metals point to immune system dysfunction and an unbalanced metabolic state in the body. Therefore, you should go for hair analysis almost every 6 months. Visit https://farmacia.vegas/ and get consulted with professional pharmacists for hair analysis! 


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