Grabify is a web-based URL shortening/IP grabbing source. It is free and users don’t have to pay anything. It’s a web that allows people to search for IP addresses by simply entering a URL.

Grabify is a popular app

This service is offered by many tools. Grabify is one of the most preferred and best-known tools. Grabify is preferred by most people because of its simplicity and direct design. Google can provide information on grabify. This will tell you how popular and powerful it is. It has 66,073,484 IP records in its database.

Grabify: How can you find out the location of someone?

It is very simple to use and you can send them a link.

It’s a simple website that gives you the information you need. Grabify is a smart website that abstracts the technicalities.

Now you can use it better without worrying by following the steps.

Find a link that is relevant to your topic and click on it when you are ready.

Grabify will open. Copy the same link to the Grabify box at the top.

Click on “create URL” to open a pop-up asking you to accept their terms of service. Click on the agreed condition. If your URL is successfully created, you’ll get a new page with useful information.

You will then be taken to a new page.

Afterwards, you will be able to access all information on the new page.

Once you have gathered all the notes with customisation, you can send your link.

You must now verify that your catfish or friends have clicked the link you sent.

You should check the result section. It contains real data about the target who clicked the link.

Click on the “more info” button to find out more.

Finally, you will succeed in finding the IP location of someone.

Important points to remember:

Your New URL: This mainly looks like″. This is what you are sharing with your catfish or friends. It appears to be a change in the domain to another. Your victim won’t be able to see that it is a grabify hyperlink.

Your tracking code: This is the code you use to access your logs.

Access link: This will allow you to view your logs directly. You can also return to the homepage with no stress.

Grabify Smart Logger Feature: Grabify has added a new feature called “Smart Logger” that will give you additional information about your victims.


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