If you’re looking for the definition or meaning, the meaning abbreviation, acronym, or definition of LLAP and LLAP abbreviation, then you’re at the right spot as we are going give you the LLAP definition and meaning, and how the acronym is utilized in the conversation.What LLAP Means?

What is LLAP standfor?

The slang term “LLAP” stands for “Live Long and Prosper”. Therefore, if you write this in chat or post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites and so on , it is “Live Long and Prosper”. It is typically utilized in internet-based conversations such as chats, messages emails, posts and more.

How can abbreviation LLAP employed in conversations?

Examples of LLAP :-

I want GOD on you. Hello, bye. LLAP

Tomorrow is a new day. LLAP

I’m in need of sleep right now. Contact me next time. LLAP

and so on.

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