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When you first begin working as a lash artist, you’ll hear terminology like “volume lashes,” “3D volume lash extensions,” and so on. This volume fan can help you save time and make your work easier. As a result, this article will make it easier for you to select and use high-quality 3D volume fans. Also, you can choose Russian Strip Lashes that make your eye more attractive. 

1. What are 3D volume fan lashes?

The technique of 3D volume lash extension is extremely popular all over the world. Three extensions are applied to one natural lash by the eyelash specialist. The quantity of synthetic eyelash extensions that are applied to each natural eyelash is the difference between 3D lashes and other procedures. One guideline applies: the thinner the extensions, the higher the eyelash volume. The fake fans’ weight should be gentle on natural hairs, and the result is expressive but not too flashy.

2. When to use eyelash extensions 3D volume fans?

Clients who want to simplify personal care might appreciate the 3D volume. 3D eyelash extensions help to save time and energy when applying makeup regularly. There’s only one refill session per month, and your client won’t have to worry about their mascara disintegrating; your client won’t need any makeup to look great. The look of 3D volume lashes is expressive and vivid. At the same time, it’s a flawless natural look that’s appropriate for any occasion. Women who are accustomed to constantly looking in the mirror can easily conceal the mirror in their purses or leave it at home.

It can be seen that models all over the world enjoy wearing 3D lashes. They make the most of the eyelash volume to seem stunning in photographs. Maybe your client will have the same feeling – Every day is a good day for 3D eyelashes. Women with longer lashes always feel more at ease, whether going to work, working out, or going on a romantic date. A remarkable 3D effect may be generated with the help of competent modelling and careful selection of diameters, lengths, and curls. It’s an excellent way to maintain a beautiful appearance at all times. A trained stylist must apply 3D volume lash extensions. A competent stylist can correct natural symmetry or visibly non-standard eye fit. That’s why you should practice more to perfect your craft and deliver better results for your clients.

3. Top eyelash extensions 3D volume lashes you should try

You can easily find many 3D eyelash products on the market. However, not all products possess a guaranteed quality for your client’s eyes. So, to make choosing high-quality products easier, here are some of our recommendations that you should not ignore.

LLBA Professional 3D premade fans

LLBA lashes feature a beautiful matte black finish and are made of pro-silk. They may be able to create natural-looking curls and enhance your clients’ natural eyelashes. 3D lash fans are 0.07/0.10mm thick, making them lightweight and pleasant. The LLBA Professional 3D promade fans have a small and compact base for easy application. If correctly administered, they can last up to 4-6 weeks. LLBA Professional 3D promade fans are available in a variety of lengths and curls, from C to CC to D. As a result, lash artists may cater to a wide range of client preferences. The number of fans in an LLBA 3D promade volume fan box ranges from 480 to 530, which is four times the number of fans found in lash trays from other vendors. If you’re looking for a low-cost solution, LLBA is the way to go.

– Eslashes 3D premade fans

The thin heat bonded bases for Eslashes 3D volume lashes ensure that each volume fan is not unduly weighty. Their crisp base also simplifies application and offers clients a natural look. In terms of retention, these lashes are equivalent to traditional lashes and should be applied in the same way. Eyelashes fans are black with a 0.05/0.07 thickness and a C/D curl. This firm offers two different types of trays: single tray and mixed tray. Single trays range in length from 11mm to 13mm. One 8mm row, two 9mm rows, two 10mm rows, two 11mm rows, three 12mm rows, two 13mm rows, two 14mm rows, and two 15mm rows make up a mixed tray. 

– Cashmere 3D premade fans

Cashmere lashes are extremely smooth and silky, making them so comfortable to wear that clients won’t even notice they’re there. The weight of cashmere lashes is 70% less than that of typical mink lashes. They may create full, defined, fluttery lashes and are excellent for all eye shapes. They’re also hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly, and free of animal testing.

Hopefully, this article’s information has helped you select and use the most fantastic 3D volume lashes for your work.


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