Why Invest In A Watch
Why Invest In A Watch

Some claim that buying watches wastes money, yet they are ignorant of the Law of Supply and Demand. It asserts that a product’s price will increase if it is scarce or limited and is in high demand.

Rolex will serve as one example of this tendency. The knowledge that Rolex regulates the product’s supply makes it difficult to find. Although Rolex watches are of exceptional quality, rarity is a significant factor in sales. Even though they are extremely expensive, many yearn for a Rolex. The wristwatch would cost substantially more on the secondary market once it is sold at the official store, especially when there may be other places to buy it.

Why invest in a watch? You should invest in a watch because it helps tell the time, is a suitable fashion accessory, and can also become a profitable hobby.

Celebrate Milestones

Every significant event in your life deserves to be commemorated with flair. And you’ll use the timepieces you own to tell those tales again. For example, you could get a Seiko 5 sports to watch for your birthday.

While some parents would commemorate their silver wedding by wearing a matching set of expensive watches, other people prefer to celebrate their life’s milestones in other ways. For example, one college friend celebrated his graduation with a prominent Ball Engineer timepiece. It does more than display the time; it also serves as a reminder of important events. Having your best watch is also a milestone in and of itself.

A Profitable Hobby

If you fall into the second kind of watch collector, you most likely already know that it may be a lucrative pastime. After only 1-2 years of wearing it, you may sell your luxury watch for $4 when you need cash, such as when you need to move or have unexpected expenses that you need to pay. Then, you can buy it for $1. This occurs because the market’s demand for watches exceeds expectations compared to the production rate, which is related to the manufacturing process.

For instance, it can take up to nine months to create the fundamental part of a single Patek Philippe, yet it takes almost eight years to complete a special model using the best materials. Because of this, most Patek Philippe watches are incredibly expensive and rare. If you possess one of the uncommon series, you have likely already created a comfortable retirement fund for yourself.

Style Source

A watch goes a long way toward brightening up your outfit. It’s true what basketball great Kobe Bryant once said: “Everyone looks at your watch, and it defines who you are, your values, and your style.” A watch reveals your true identity. And the right timepiece can greatly impact your fashion sense and personality.

A sports watch, for instance, demonstrates your active lifestyle; an aviation watch, your love of travel; a diving watch, your interest in water sports; and so forth. In addition, a watch on someone’s wrist can reveal their sense of artistic sensibility.

Wrapping Up

Will the queen of today also rule in the future? Perhaps; perhaps not. But owning a Rolex or Patek Philippe for investment is always a good idea, especially if you have large pockets. If you’re looking for watches that are comparable in quality but more reasonably priced, a selection from Seiko, like Grand Seiko, might be your best bet. Again, everything is up to you. If you like a different brand, go for it.

You should look at the watch history and watch materials to help you decide which watches to invest in. The greater the value anything carries, the more historical it is. Likewise, the longer it lasted, the better the materials were.

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Luther Abrams is quite a jack of all trades type of guy. He loves exploring new things and cultivating his knowledge every now and then. Today, he grows more and more interested in jewelry and watches and even writes about such things in his free time.


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