Irresistible Sweets

The season of love, yummy food and, of course, lots of rain insta stories is upon us, and we can not be happier. As the monsoon is knocking at our doors, the urge to have samosa and pakodas becomes stronger. However, do you know what else tastes amazing when it’s raining outside? A hot cup of coffee or tea with a lip-smacking dessert! Going for online cake delivery in Jalandhar during the monsoon is a great idea to try new desserts and delicacies while sitting at home. 

This monsoon season can be your opportunity to spread out and try new cakes and sweets or revisit some old memories with some nostalgic mithais. To help to decide on your monsoon sweets list, here we are with the top 10 irresistibly delicious sweets that you must try this monsoon. Keep on reading and select the one you wish to try in advance! 


Ghevar is a traditional Indian sweet that has a lot of cultural significance. The fascinating dessert is made with sugary syrup and desi ghee in a honeycomb-like texture! The yummy dessert makes an appearance during festivals like Raksha Bandhan and teej; the festival of monsoon itself! So, the sign is clear; ghevar is a must in the monsoon. 

Malpua With Rabri

Referred to as the Indian pancakes, Malpua is a delicious dish that hails from the north of India but is loved in every corner of the nation. When served with the awesomeness that is rabri, aka thickened sweet milk, Malpua tastes like a heaven-sent sweet dish, and on a rainy day, this, along with the company of your near and dear ones, is all you need! 


After Indian pancakes, it’s time you taste a dish that tastes like an Indian doughnut but tastes oh-so-much better than that! Balushahi is a dish from Bihar that is deep-fried in pure desi ghee and then completely soaked in sugar syrup to give it its stickily sweet taste; mouthwatering, right? Well, imagine how it would taste with adraak wali chai! 

Suji Ka Halwa

Now it’s time for a sweet that is local to every Indian household and tastes like childhood memories. Revisit the good old days this season by making suji ka halwa for everyone in your family! The dish requires no special skills or ingredients, just some sugar, water, ghee and dry fruits! Add all of them accordingly, and you have got yourself a perfect evening dessert for a rainy day.


Payasam is a dish that is from the lovely area of Southern India, but it looks a lot like the kheer of Northern India. The dish is a simple rice pudding, just like kheer, and contains a lot of dry fruits. The only difference between the two desserts is that payasam is made with jaggery instead of sugar and the consistency is a lot thinner than the kheer. So, if you wanna try something sweet yet different this monsoon, Payasam is what you should go for. 

Milk Cakes

The next sweet is not exactly Indian, but we have invented our own version of this tantalizing sweet. Milk cakes are the crumbling brush dessert of brown colour that we have made our own by changing its colour to white and renaming it kalakand. The dessert tastes absolutely divine with a cup of tea, and it’s perfect for a lazy, rainy Sunday. 

Brownie Cake

Tasting chocolate brownies are always a good idea, but to have them in monsoon is an excellent decision that you will thank us for. A brownie cake is a special treat that includes the crumbling texture of brownies, the soothing taste of chocolate and, of course, it is big enough for your entire family. Hence, you can enjoy it while taking advantage of the amazing weather. 

Shahi Tukda

The next sweet dish made its appearance in India during the Mughlai period, and years later, we are still gushing over it. Shahi tukda directly translates to royal bite or piece, so it is obvious that the dish was served to the royal family, and now you can carry on the tradition in monsoon.

Gulab Jamun

The next dish resides in the heart of every Indian, be it any season. Gulab jamuns taste amazing every time, but while it is raining outside, steaming hot gulab jamuns taste even better. Sit with your friends and family to revisit all the amazing days when you were accompanied by them and this mouthwatering dessert. 

Sweet Potato Souffle

The sweet and healthy dessert is a perfect addition to your rainy-day dessert list. Sweet potatoes are, of course, very beneficial for health, and when you work hard to turn them into a very smooth textured sweet dish, you are rewarded with a dessert that is one of a kind. This special French dessert is very easy to bake and literally melts in your mouth. The best part is it doesn’t go bad that early so you can bake a load without worrying about it in any way. 

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