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Is your website underperforming, not getting visitors to your site or any conversions? It is a tough competitive market out there, and with the search engine algorithms checking and ranking more factors than ever, it’s time to find an SEO consultant to help boost your online visibility.

How do hundreds more visitors to your website and social media each month sound?

A bold statement, I know, but many businesses who have not kept up with recent significant algorithm updates are falling behind.

When algorithms get updated, unless you already have an in-house team or are SEO Company and on-site SEO savvy yourself, you can rapidly see a drop in rankings and traffic and have no idea why.  

This is where you need professional help.

This article will look at the fundamentals that an SEO consultant will bring to the table to get your organic SEO back on track. 

3 Reasons you Need an SEO Consultant for your Business

1. You Need More Traffic, but how?

Many business owners in 2022 know of SEO and the principle behind it. Still, they lack the technical experience or time to be able to make the necessary changes or tweaks. 

SEO and content strategies that deliver meaningful results are commonly not through luck. SEO professionals are nuanced in what Google and the other search engines expect websites to deliver to their users. 

Much has changed in digital marketing in the last decade, which has seen many get ranked quick fads and schemes become obsolete.  

An SEO agency is there to work alongside you and ensure your fundamentals are in place, and they will look to start at the beginning with:

Enhancing Site Architecture and Technical Audit

For a content marketing strategy to succeed, your site structure needs to be clear and concise for the search engine crawlers and users to navigate. The crawlers need to be able to find and index your web pages. In addition, each page needs to deliver visitors an excellent user experience (UX). 

If your site map is confusing, or you have slow site speed, you won’t see the desired results as the search engines don’t deem you a reliable source.

Most SEO experts would start with a technical audit. These audits show every possible technical issue that your website has that does not adhere to Google’s Best Practices. Then they will begin fixing both on-site and off-site issues the audit finds. And this is the kind of work that requires technical knowledge.

Thorough Keyword Research for Conversions

Keyword research is more complex than ever. Gone are the days of just picking the most popular keywords and seeing quick success.

Now the most recognisable keywords could be the ones an SEO consultant tells you to avoid! 

Instead, in today’s SEO, finding the right balance within your targeted keywords is a sensible approach for a start-up or small to medium-sized business (SME). 

A balanced approach would spread your marketing across two areas such as:

  • Top-of-funnel, ultra-competitive, short-tail keywords to help establish a higher domain authority
  • Bottom-of-funnel, less competitive, long-tail keywords to help increase conversion rates in the short term  

This layered approach is there to help build your overall organic visibility, provide you with ROI, and get away from just receiving clicks but no enquiries or subsequent sales. 

2. Getting Answers to Questions

How many times have you asked yourself something along these lines:

  • Why is my site not loading quickly?
  • What do I blog about every week?
  • Am I using my keywords correctly?
  • When should I blog?
  • What are internal links?
  • What are call-to-actions?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a quick answer to those questions?


Working with SEO professionals will answer those questions and fix the problems. Plus, analyse your niche and your competition to devise a strategy to attract active consumers within your sector. 

This analysis will prove vital as online behavioural patterns tell an expert what search terms are trending and what consumers are looking for within the sector. The most critical aspect is not wasting time optimising certain web pages, and content people are not searching for. 

SEO experience is crucial, especially post-pandemic, where we have seen seismic changes in internet usage. The ability to adapt and change a strategy during a campaign is a skill, and this is the aspect that stands out against trying to go it alone with SEO.  

3. You Save Time and Money

Conducting SEO has become more of a challenge in 2022 than it was before the COVID-19 outbreak.

There have been two significant Google updates since then, and there are now many more ranking factors that can benefit your online presence and, at the same time, harm it.  

It is a pivotal decision for a start-up or small business as budget is everything. However, consider the time and effort required to hire an in-house team in your area..

Considering the interview process, this alone can take a long time, and time is money. Labour laws mean you are taking on salary, taxes and workspace expenses, and contracts must be drawn up by your law firm, again time and money.  

Another consideration is how many people does it take to conduct SEO? 

An SEO agency will have a diverse staff who are specialists in different areas of digital marketing that, as a team, will oversee all angles to increase traffic and conversions. They aim to help you grow and keep you as a client for years.  

SEO experts already have all the best analytical tools on the market and know how to use them to their full extent. Understanding the metrics behind search engines is paramount to success. In addition, understanding what it will take to wrestle online users away from your competition is something the untrained eye cant do. 

For a small business or start-up, your time is invaluable for implementing your vision. To do this, you need time to focus on developing your business that will lead to your success, so it’s a time and money saver to hire an expert and their team to handle your online presence.


When considering your marketing budget and what you are prepared to spend to achieve your targets, it is proven that outsourcing your digital marketing is the most effective solution to help grow small businesses. If this is your first time, try searching for SEO agencies in your local area. It’s always an excellent start to sit down and discuss your requirements face to face. Good luck. 


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