The electric vehicle (EV) has become the symbol of revolution in the transportation industry, with more and more individuals jumping ships to this eco-friendly and cost-effective method of transportation. As technology advances and more EVs hit the roads, it’s important to understand the basics of electric cars and how they work. 

But aside from that, it is also more important to know how to maintain these electric vehicles. Similar to your traditional vehicles, they require constant check-ups and maintenance to ensure they won’t break in the middle of the road. And notably, these EVs may need more rigid maintenance than their counterparts. 

Why Maintaining Your Electric Car Is A Must

Electric cars are arguably popular in the automotive industry, with many automakers rolling out an array of electric models. 

With the many benefits of electric cars, it is understandable why so many people are turning to them for their transportation needs. But then again, these electric cars are only good if they are properly maintained. You need to take care of these vehicles, considering that their constitution is still novel. If they break, there are little automotive shops that can fix them for you. 

At this point, you should realize that prevention is better than cure. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your electric vehicle on the road and maximizing its life span. Failure to properly maintain an EV can lead to premature wear and tear and could even lead to costly repairs.

Tips For Maintaining Electric Vehicles

With their increased use, it is important to remain diligent and proactive when it comes to maintaining electric vehicles. Proper maintenance and upkeep of electric vehicles can help to maximize their efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the lifespan of the vehicle. 

In the following sections, we will explore the tips and tricks for maintaining electric vehicles so that your vehicle continues to operate at its best.

Tip #1: Take Care Of Their Batteries

As the EV industry continues to grow more competitive, EV owners need to understand that the batteries in their vehicles are a significant component to sustaining their vehicle’s lifespan and overall performance. Supplying your EV with high-quality battery packs from reputable rechargeable battery manufacturers like SunlyPower will ensure it can operate continuously. 

Electric vehicle batteries can fail to maintain their maximum capacity, performance, and effectiveness over time without proper care and maintenance. A battery that is not taken care of will result in a reduced range, increased charging time, and in some cases, complete failure. Needless to say, it is vital to take the necessary steps to guarantee that the battery in your electric vehicle is adequately taken care of.

  • Don’t overcharge the battery – Overcharging the batteries can cause problems in the system of your EV. It should be charged up to 80 percent at most. 
  • Leave the batteries with no charge sometimes – Just like humans, these batteries need some rest, as well. You can fully drain them and leave them that way, but not more than fifteen days. 
  • Invest in high-quality battery packs – Eventually, you will need to replace the existing batteries installed in your EVs. Opt for high-quality batteries, such as HLC batteries. 
  • Don’t expose the batteries to excessive heat – High temperatures can be bad for EV batteries. Don’t park your car in areas that are not covered.

Tip #2: Check The Motor

Electric vehicles are excellent transport mediums to reduce your carbon footprint. However, like any motor vehicle, electric vehicles need regular maintenance to keep them in their top condition and ensure safe and reliable operation. To keep your electric vehicle in peak condition, it is integral to understand the fundamentals of maintaining the motor.

Fortunately, the motor of electric vehicles doesn’t require too much maintenance as compared to the engines of diesel or petrol-based vehicles. Interestingly, the motors of these EVs contain few parts, so with a little research, you would be able to replace the oil or switch fuel filters by yourself.  

At the same time, you would need to provide professional servicing to the car’s motor. You can acquire this service from the recommended EV shops or any experienced mechanics that have the know-how when it comes to EV motors. 

Tip #3: Brake Maintenance

When it comes to electric vehicles, brake maintenance is especially important. Regular brake maintenance can help improve safety and performance, extending the life of the brakes and other brake components.

Keep in mind that your electric vehicle uses a regenerative braking system. Regenerative brakes are a braking system that recovers the kinetic energy generated from braking and converts it into electrical energy used by the motor. 

This system allows for more efficient energy use, resulting in an extended range and better performance. Furthermore, regenerative brakes can also improve driver safety by providing additional braking power and smoother braking.

You don’t need frequent maintenance for these brakes. However, you should provide them with regular servicing. That should keep their performance at the optimum level and see potential issues for them. Also, don’t drive your vehicle at high speeds all the time. In this way, you don’t have to slam the brakes hard every single time. 

Tip #4: Only Use The Correct Chargers

Driving an electric vehicle is a great way to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle. However, one of the most important things to consider when driving an electric vehicle is the type of charger used to power it. 

Using the wrong charger for your electric car can damage the battery, cause a fire due to overheating, or lead to an expensive repair. It is critical to understand the different types of chargers available and the ones best suited to your electric vehicle.

Different chargers provide different levels of efficiency, range, and power. Some are designed to charge your vehicle quickly, while others may take longer but offer greater range or extra runtime. Choosing the right charger is a critical step in ensuring your EV delivers reliable performance and can meet your needs.

Final Thoughts

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity, and they have clear environmental benefits over traditional gas-powered cars. However, electric vehicles require regular maintenance and regular check-ups to ensure the safety of their users. To ensure that your electric vehicle is operating properly and smoothly, it is essential to remember the basic maintenance rules for electric cars. 


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