FAQs Around Cat Flea Collars

Cat flea collars are tried and tested products that help deal with repeated flea infestations. They are affordable, modern-day solutions that can help your furry baby avoid flea attacks and the constant itching they bring with them.

Even though these collars are not a natural or the best way to deter fleas, they still seem to be one of the superefficient products that help millions of feline fur babies worldwide lead happy lives free of pesky fleas.

Suppose the flea collar worked very little on your cat, and the flea issue has transitioned to a significant flea infestation; maybe it’s time to discard the collar and find a more effective and permanent solution.

Meet your vet for guidance and medical assistance in such a case. Cat insurance in NZ helps tackle unexpected vet bills with little financial stress. This is precisely why you must consider buying kitten insurance early.

Meanwhile, read this article for answers to three common questions related to cat flea collars.

1.At what age can my cat wear a flea collar?

Check for the specifications mentioned by the manufacturer and the formula employed for the product. 

Typically, kittens over three months of age can safely use cat flea collars. When using one, adhere to the age recommendations and usage instructions to avoid a bad situation.

A flea collar must be used relatively early in a cat’s life for two reasons. One, so that your feline pet gets used to wearing it. Two, to provide protection from fleas earlier in life. Remember that fleas are blood-sucking parasites and don’t discriminate between animals. They attack newborn kittens as much as they attack adult or older cats.

2.Flea collar v/s drops for cats.

This decision depends on your preferences. Flea collars offer protection for a longer duration, lasting up to several months. In contrast, drops protect a cat for a few days to several weeks.

Also, some cats find it irritating to wear a flea collar, and others may lose them frequently. When flea collars aren’t viable, you must consider using drops.

Thoroughly research the various flea-repelling products before purchasing one; then, select a product that best suits your cat’s needs. Don’t forget that every cat is unique.

3.My cat already has fleas. Will this collar work?

Not all collars will work in a case like this. Some cat flea collars are made only to repel the parasite, and others are designed to kill them.

So, sometimes they are used for preventive care and other times after fleas were eliminated with another method. For instance, after using drops or flea shampoos. 

A few products function to repel and kill fleas, so if you are looking for a dual solution, explore them.

4.How to put a flea collar on my cat?

Just like you put on any other collar, except that you must cut down the collar to size with the help of a pair of scissors after buckling it.

When unsure, contact your vet for suggestions. Their opinions can be more insightful and reliable than the vast online resources available as they better understand your cat’s comfort and needs. In any case, consider being prepared with cat insurance NZ as many a time, preventive care can fail, and a cat may require curative care that can involve hefty vet bills. 

Kitten insurance helps support your feline fur baby with the medical care it deserves during unplanned vet visits and emergencies, which is why you must contemplate signing up for a policy.


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